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To downloadthe sci-fi satire set in a world where consciousness can be downloaded into a digital afterlife returns for season 2 on March 11, with the late Nathan (the unfairly charming Robbie Amell) navigating a cache problems in the Lakeview virtual station.

It’s one of the smartest comedies to stream, the cast is brilliant, and the writing crackles with the same off-center optimism for humanity that show creator Greg Daniels delivered during his days on Parks and recreation. Here’s why you should hack it.

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1. Love story.

With the unexpected download of Nathan’s vain and overbearing girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), all we want for the recovering bad boy is to reunite with his earnest but MIA handler, Nora (Andy Allo, one to watch , of cours). But how do you ghost someone who died for you?!

2. The supporting cast.

In addition to the boisterous Edwards, Zainab Johnson and Kevin Bigley made excellent use of robbery scenes as Nora’s no-BS colleague and Nathan’s bro-tastic but oddly perceptive pal. Their stuff, both together and separately, is enough to sustain a spinoff if we’re so lucky.

3. High stakes drama.

Outside of Lakeview, we see more of the real world, where anti-tech types need Nora for a mission that could kill more than her future with Nathan. And that’s not the only mystery. There are also serious questions surrounding Ingrid’s disappearance, as well as the actual dealings within the owners of Lakeview. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the cyberbabies known as “Prototykes.”

To downloadSeason 2, Streaming Now, Prime Video

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