5 strategies to improve note taking and make it more productive | Entertainment News

After 24 hours, we forget up to 40% of the new information we learn. But we can retain up to 100% of our memory with a simple tool: taking notes.

In a 2021 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, participants who took notes were able to recall information better than those who didn’t or took class photos on their phones. When we don’t try to retain information, our memory of that experience gradually declines until we remember little or nothing of it.

Fortunately, note taking helps with memory retention by actively engaging with the material to connect new knowledge and past experiences.

The most effective note-taking strategy for you depends on the type of content or information you collect, how you evaluate it, and how long you have to retain it.

Your process should enable you to take productive notes in any environment and encourage you to learn and retain information effectively. ClickUp has compiled a list of proven strategies to improve virtual and in-person note taking and make it more productive.

Read on to learn about the top five strategies to help anyone take better, more productive notes, whether listening to a podcast, attending a lecture, or watching a documentary.

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