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Over the past few decades, the incredible growth of the online entertainment industry is nothing short of revolutionary. The transition from Blockbuster movie theaters, plays and rental days to platforms such as YouTube, Netflix and various social media is both promising and exciting. The shackles of real work to consume media have been lifted, as a whole universe of information and entertainment is now at your fingertips without limit. With this recent development came prominent industry leaders – those who pioneered this shifting plan to climb to the top of the digital hierarchy. The names of notable artists such as Ninja and Logan Paul come to mind, but they are just a few of many who have harnessed the digital world for its power to bring people together through fun content. and positive. Hamzah Saadah, known to the masses as AbsorberYT, is one such innovator who is steadfast on his way to the top.

Born in New Jersey on March 17, 2003, Hamzah describes his childhood as a quiet, simple life. At the age of 12, he found his calling in video games and entertaining others, whether it was a magic trick or a musical score he wrote. Around this time, YouTube was starting to become a revolutionary platform for private creators to share content and interact with fans. Hamzah realized that this was the perfect opportunity to combine his passions for gaming and entertainment, and that’s how the AbsorberYT channel was born. Now, 6 years and over 3 million subscribers later, he regularly releases high-quality viral videos. It’s very common for each of his videos to top YouTube’s trending page when they launch, each receiving over a million views and thousands upon thousands of supportive comments. Many of its followers flock to the comment sections to express their laughter, tag their friends, or make a hearty suggestion for future content they would like to see. As for the actual content on AbsorberYT’s channel, it varies widely – one could find coverage of a competitive gaming tournament (which he made the Top 20 of the famous FaZe clan), a dive into the mechanics of a video game, comedy sketches with friends, pranks on other celebrities and much more. The sheer diversity of his content is a big factor in his projected longevity as a content creator, as there really is something for everyone on his channel.

When Hamzah isn’t posting viral videos on YouTube, he’s busy editing them for his TikTok (which has an incredible 5.2 million subscribers) or streaming on his Twitch channel (with an additional 200,000 subscribers). The AbsorberYT TikTok page serves as an archive, of sorts, for the top highlights of the main YouTube channel. A swim through these short videos would show the winning shot of a tournament, the surprise on a celebrity’s face when they realize they’ve been duped, or a particularly slap-in-the-box moment from a comedy skit. These clips are wonderfully received by the public, with millions of likes each and thousands of shares. When it comes to his Twitch channel, Hamzah uses his livestreaming capabilities to seize the opportunity to drop the veil of perfection that YouTube offers — no editing, no redos, just AbsorberYT’s raw personality. Here he shares his more personal interests of music and magic. Tuning into one of these streams is sure to show Hamzah sampling a new beat, performing a card trick for the camera, or just taking the time to chat with his viewers about his aspirations, like acting.

AbsorberYT’s influence is only growing as its community grows every day. The digital entertainment industry thrives on private creators like him who put their all into their work and try to bring laughter and positivity to society every day.

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