Actor regrets asking God why he was overlooked in Hollywood

Neal McDonough
Actor Neal McDonough arrives at the world premiere of ‘Mirror Mirror’ in Los Angeles, March 17, 2012. |

Actor Neal McDonough says he struggled with God after being blacklisted in Hollywood for several years for refusing to act out sex scenes.

Known for his performances in ‘Band of Brothers,’ ‘Minority Report,’ and ‘Desperate Housewives,’ the Catholic actor recently told Fox News about his walk with God when he wasn’t working after being fired from the ABC series. Scoundrels” in 2010.

McDonough alleged that he was fired from the show in recent years because he refused to do on-screen love scenes, which was not an issue on past projects.

“There was a time when I wasn’t working. I couldn’t get a job because people thought I was a religious lunatic,” McDonough said. “But I didn’t. I love my wife, but I also love my acting. I was hoping that at some point someone would give me a chance again.”

McDonough said he was three days away from filming the show, but was written out of the show because he wouldn’t agree to on-screen sex scenes.

The Boston native has had a no-sex policy for most of his 30-year career and even his stint on the highly sexualized series ‘Desperate Housewives’ hasn’t put his reign in jeopardy.

neal mcdonough and his wife
Actor Neal Mcdonough and wife Ruve attend the 2019 Movieguide Awards on February 8, 2019. |

He married his wife Ruvé in 2003 and claimed he wouldn’t even kiss another woman because those lips are for one woman only.

The Christian Post contacted ABC about McDonough’s claim to be cut from “Scoundrels”, but did not immediately receive a response.

After going through “a tough few years” without any work, McDonough said he had a heart to heart with God.

“I remember falling to my knees and saying, ‘My God, why have you forgotten me? Why am I being punished so much?'” McDonough said. “And as soon as those words came out of my mouth, I realized what self-serving questions these were.”

He said he regretted his words, realizing how truly blessed he was.

“God has given me so much. We all encounter challenges in our lives. I should be grateful – and thankful – for all the blessings I receive,” he added.

McDonough said after his prayers, he got a call from actor and screenwriter Graham Yostwho, someone he’d worked with before on “Band of Brothers.”

“I remember, a few minutes later, I was sitting there at the kitchen table with Ruvé,” he says. “Graham called and said, ‘Hey, do you want to play the bad guy in the first one or two episodes of ‘Justified?’ I said, ‘Yes, yes I do.’ And after the first take, he came up to me and said, “Do you want to play bad guy all year? I joked, ‘Didn’t you know that was my game plan? That’s what I’m going to do.'”

“And after ‘Justified,’ everything was kind of forgotten. I was determined to give a really good performance and I did,” he noted.

In an interview with The Christian Post at the 2019 Movieguide Awards, McDonough opened up about his faith and devotion to his wife.

“You have a chance in life to do things the best way you can and give glory to God in whatever you can do,” he told CP. “Our relationship is always paramount to me in my life. It’s the most important thing in my world.

“Paul Newman said it best, ‘Why go out for a burger when I have a steak at home?'” McDonough said.

The couple have been together for over 23 years and married 19. They have five children together.

McDonough’s career has blossomed since “Justified” in 2012.

“God gave me this gift of being an actor, and I’m not going to waste it,” he shared with Fox News Digital. “I am now able to produce films with my wife. I am able to co-create projects. And I can continue to pursue my craft. I couldn’t be at a better place in my career. At every stage, I’ve had along the way, every challenge I’ve faced has built this moment. And it’s a moment that I really cherish. I’m proud of my work and what I can accomplish.”

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