‘American Underdog’ is coming to digital, star says story is changing lives

American Underdog
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‘American Underdog’, the true story of Kurt and Brenda Warner, is now available on digital – and it’s changing lives, uniting families and uplifting viewers in so many ways, says Ser’Darius Blain, one of the stars of the movie.

From filmmakers Jon and Andy Erwin, the team behind “I Can Only Imagine,” “American Underdog” is based on Warner’s bestselling, All Things Possible: My Story of Faith, Football, and the Season of Miracles.

After years of not being drafted, Kurt Warner took a job stocking shelves at a grocery store. However, with the encouragement of his wife, Brenda, the athlete continued to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL. He was eventually drafted by the Rams and found success as a Hall of Fame and Super Bowl winning quarterback.

The film also highlights Kurt and Brenda’s relationship and the struggles they overcame through faith and commitment. Today, the couple have been married for nearly 30 years and are parents to seven children.

“American Underdog” hit theaters on Christmas Day, an unprecedented feat for a faith-based film, and features Hollywood celebrities such as Zachary Levi (“Shazam”), Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin and Dennis Quaid.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Blain, who plays Warner’s friend Mike Hudnutt, explained how, in the weeks following the film’s release, he heard countless stories about the impact of the Warner’s story about lives.

“A lot of people have told me that it kind of brought their families together and they didn’t expect it, and they don’t even normally like football movies,” he said. . “Football fans were like, ‘I didn’t know that was Kurt’s story’…they had always heard that he started by stocking the shelves in a grocery store and then ended up [becoming a] Super Bowl MVP.”

“A lot of women say, ‘I don’t even really like football, and I realized this movie isn’t about football.’ And that’s probably one of my favorite things to hear is that it’s not about football. The movie literally has nothing to do with football. It’s about faith, it’s a matter of family, it’s a matter of perseverance, of clinging to those you love.

“American Underdog” doesn’t gloss over some of the toughest times in Warner history, from financial difficulties to the tragic loss of Brenda’s parents.

It was that last scene, Blain shared, that made him want to star in the film after reading the “American Underdog” script for the first time.

“Halfway through the script, I was like sobbing and crying on the beach, and I was like, ‘Man, OK, nothing makes me cry.’ So it struck a chord with me. And I knew right away that this was a story that obviously needed to be told and that I wanted to be a part of,” he recalls.

“I’m a fan of real-life heroes, and this was a story of real-life heroes. The way they fought for love, the way they fought for family, and the way they fought for their goals really resonated with me.”

Blain’s relentless journey to success, he revealed, somewhat mirrors that of Kurt Warner. He shared his own underdog story of unknowingly buying a fraudulent car when he first moved to Los Angeles, which was later repossessed.

“And I had about $35 in my bank account, no food, a sick mother at the time that I was caring for…I had no idea what I was going to do,” he said. -he declares. “And I sat in that driveway as they loaded my car onto that tray and sobbed. … I was almost cursing God at the time. I was like, ‘Why are you doing this to me?’

Honesty in filmmaking, and not downplaying life’s hardships, the “Jumanji” actor said, is part of what makes “American Underdog” such a compelling story.

“I love the persistence of Lionsgate and John and Andy in trying to make sure every aspect of the story is told as much as possible in two hours,” he said. “Of course, their story is much bigger than that, but they got to the heart of the story and the difficulty…and then focused on winning, and the constant reminder that love is what carried them. through that. ”

“It was probably hard for Andy and them to get them to go ahead and tell the whole truth and paint the story, but it was, it’s a very easy story for people to follow and to see each other too,” he added. .

After finding success in theaters, “American Underdog” went digital on February 4. The Lionsgate movie is coming to 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, plus Blu-ray and Digital, Blu-ray Combo Pack plus DVD and Digital, DVD and On-Demand later this month.

Blain described “American Underdog” as a “faith builder,” sharing how his own walk was reinforced on set — a sentiment Levi shared earlier.

“The people who were in charge of doing [the film] strengthened my faith,” the actor said. “They are the most humble, kind, authentic, passionate [people], really passionate about filmmaking and storytelling, really passionate about saving lives… it kind of helps you put life in perspective. We are in a world right now that is determined to be selfish. And here you have this team of people who are determined to be selfless, and it was pretty humbling and sobering.

And like any good story, he hopes “American Underdog” will stand the test of time and continue to inspire and uplift viewers for decades to come.

“I think a story like this always will be,” he said. “It’s a story of perseverance and people succeeding despite the odds…it’s a story of winners.”

“American Underdog” is rated PG for certain linguistic and thematic elements.

Leah M. Klett is a reporter for The Christian Post. She can be contacted at: [email protected]

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