Anderson .Paak signs for Dr Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment [VIDEO]


Anderson .Paak is making huge strides. After releasing his critically acclaimed album, Malibu, the crooner signed with Aftermath Entertainment.

Dr Dre made the announcement himself in a video shared on Paak’s Twitter page. “I want you to tell the new representative of Aftermath what’s going on,” before the camera turns to Paak who responds with a “Yes sir!” enthusiastic!

Paak’s Malibu It only came out a few weeks ago, but it’s already become a favorite among music fans, including one of our authors from The Boombox.

“Anderson Paak may be relatively new to the scene, but Malibu looks like a seasoned veteran. This is the first big rap album of 2016 and the first great R&B of 2016 “, read the review of Malibu.

The new joint venture is not so surprising. Paak is featured on more songs than any other artist on Dre’s Compton with an appearance on six songs. The California native also appears twice on Documentary 2 by former Aftermath signatory, The Game.

Aftermath has been behind some of hip-hop’s biggest heavyweights including Eminem, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar. Jon Connor and Justus are currently also under the label which owns six in total.

And it looks like Anderson .Paak is already on his way to stardom. As he continues his tour in the United States, his second show in Paris, France, would have been sold out.

Check out the tweet with Paak thanking his fans in Paris as well as the news announcement by Dr. Dre below.

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