CARES Act second round I need money now available to inshore fishermen

BILOXI, Mississippi (WLOX) – Fishermen wanting help with COVID-related losses in 2020 can now apply. The Ministry of Marine Resources on Wednesday opened a web portal for the second phase of the CARES law relief I need money now

The first round of the CARES relief money only applied to COVID-related business losses from January to June 2020. However, the second round applies to both this period and losses incurred from July to December. 2020.

“Fishermen will have to show a 35% loss to be eligible. this goes for any applicant, whether you are a commercial fisherman, a charter fisherman or a seafood trader / processor, ”said Ryan Bradley, director of Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United.

This loss must be demonstrated in relation to the average of the previous five years. All anglers who have not applied for the first round can apply now for any loss in 2020.

“Biologically, (2020) has been a pretty good season for shrimp and crabs,” said Frank Parker, a commercial fisherman from Vancleave. “But economically we took a big hit because all the major processors were shut down with all the restrictions and things I need money now”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:513,”3”:{“1″:0},”12″:0}”>I need money now like that.

“We were able to grab our product, but we couldn’t sell it. “

In addition to having COVID-related losses in 2020, fishermen in southern Mississippi have also suffered this year.

“I think the fishermen are very anxious to see some of this funding finally disappear,” said Bradley. “I think the fishermen have struggled this year. “

Parker said he received the money in the first round and plans to apply for the money in the second round as well. The dismal spectacle of his crab traps on Wednesday supported him.

“I know it was a long and drawn out process to get it for the second time. You know it took a long time for it to be allocated and for that to happen, ”Parker said. “But it couldn’t have come at a better time. Our season this year has been horrible with shrimp and crab just with the amount of rain we’ve had, not necessarily COVID-related. “

Those who did not receive all the relief requested in the first round will automatically be included for the period January to June, but must reapply for relief from July to December.

“Any funding for anglers is greatly appreciated,” Bradley said. “I know our men and women who work hard on the water will be very grateful for this funding. It is a subsidy, it is not a loan, and I hope that as many fishermen as possible will be able to benefit from it.

The first round of CARES funds distributed $ 1.43 million to 223 people in southern Mississippi. the second round has $ 3 million.

The deadline to apply for the funds is November 19 at 11:59 pm If you would like to apply, click here.

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