Commercial cleaning services save customers money now and in the future

At Commercial Cleans, we are committed to providing the best cleaning service at the best prices to all of our customers.

Office cleaning is essential for employee productivity and for presenting a business in the best possible light to customers. Many business owners wonder if hiring a cleaning service is worth it. The answer is a resounding yes. Commercial Cleans, owned by Tony O’Neill, is a premier cleaning service with a huge range of customization options to meet any requirement.

Customers notice things that business owners and employees have taken for granted over time, such as cobwebs in corners, dusty surfaces, dirty windows, and floors in need of maintenance. Neglected cleaning in offices is an ideal environment for the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as insect and rodent infestations.

Office Cleaning Gold Coast does more than clean, sanitize and sanitize the workplace. It also leaves offices smelling fresh. The nose plays a powerful role in how environments are perceived. Commercial spaces that smell good are considered more desirable. This perception can contribute to customer acquisition and retention, as well as greater employee productivity.

Relying on employees for cleaning wastes valuable time that they could be spending on high-value tasks that make money for the business. Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Companies provide all specialized cleaning formulas, tools and technologies. There is no need to buy or store chemicals and tools on site or risk a chemical accident. It frees up space and Commercial Cleans offers green cleaning solutions.

Commercial Cleans takes care of break rooms, bathrooms and disinfects frequently touched surfaces. The company dusts, empties bins, stocks bathrooms and offers recycling. The service has flooring specialists, provides window cleaning and all services are provided without disturbing offices or other areas.

Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning by Commercial Cleans saves money and helps prevent potential problems in the future. Clean offices reduce absenteeism, present an aesthetic environment for customers and employees, and boost business. As a premier and in-demand cleaning service, the company is a leader in hospital-grade cleaning standards, allowing customers to be assured they are receiving the highest level of office cleaning available. .

About commercial cleanings

We started over 10 years ago as cleaning contractors. We now offer our independent cleaning experience to the Gold Coast. We only offer after-hours cleaning, primarily after dark, to disrupt our customers’ regular opening hours as little as possible.

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