Digital Entertainment Company POPS Enters NFT Market

On December 26, POPS ended its year with a new addition to its platform; POPS Thailand has created its own POPS NFT. This early version of NFT is LGBTQ-focused in a show of solidarity.

“Our first drop will be a major step towards our thought leadership in NFT technology in SEA,” says Bani Tan, Regional Director of Operations, POPS. “It also fits nicely into our POPS ecosystem strategy and aligns with our focus on Anime and LGBTQ content, social commerce, comics, games and merchandising.”

To accomplish this initiative, POPS has partnered with Gameflip as a digital payment partner. Gameflip will help POPS users to transact directly in the POPS app to buy NFT POPS. The initiative includes plans to expand offerings in the new year with POPS stars.

“From the very beginning, at POPS, we have been on a mission to create the largest digital ecosystem of carefully curated content to educate and entertain all ages,” said Esther Nguyen, Founder and CEO of POPS. “The continuous improvement of NFTs marks an exciting time in our industry and is a perfect and fitting complement to what we have built. Now, the excellent digital content produced by POPS and POPS artists can bring value to users of new and revolutionary way in the NFT market.

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