Digital Entertainment Company Rusk Media Raises $9.5M in Series A Funding Round

Digital entertainment company, Rusk Media has raised over $9.5 million in an extended Series A funding round.

Seoul-based DAOL Investment and Audacity Ventures led the expansion round with existing investors InfoEdge Ventures (IEV), Mistry Ventures, Survam Partners participating in the round.

Rusk Media has raised a total of $12 million over the past three years and counts Nazara Games and NODWIN gaming as their investors, among others.

The company is known through its content and IP addresses on social networks. and Playground, and their broadcasts on OTT platforms.

“We are confident in Rusk’s competitiveness in creating IP across fiction, non-fiction and esports entertainment. As Korean investors, we have seen the immense potential of locally generated premium content and the scalability of strong IPs. We believe Rusk is well positioned to become an entertainment powerhouse with its plans on its IP addresses and IP-based gaming platform,” said Chihoon Hyun, Partner at DAOL Investment and co-lead investor for the round in Classes.

Kabir Kochhar, Managing Partner of Audacity Venture Capital, a recently launched specialist Mediatech fund and co-lead investor for the current round, said, “Rusk has quickly become the leader in capturing Gen Z culture through content. It stays ahead by leveraging games and content to extend IP monetization layers into the Web3 domain. Rusk deeply understands its consumer and its latest social gaming initiative will benefit the entire web3 and gaming ecosystem by delivering the one thing the web3 community needs most: relevant users.

Rusk Media with NODWIN Gaming recently launched gaming entertainment IP, Playground, built with gaming artists such as CarryMinati, Triggered Insaan, ScoutOP and Mortal.

According to him, Playground has garnered over 200 million views, creating a new space within the gaming entertainment ecosystem. The IP is expected to go global for the next edition in December 2022 – January 2023.

Mayank Yadav, CEO of Rusk Media, said, “With digital native audiences changing behavior, entertainment has transformed through 30-second snackable social videos, OTT broadcasts, casual and AAA games. “

“Our future plans are two-fold: first, to scale our content with OTT partners through our IPs in India and the rest of the world, with Playground paving the way for our global expansion. social gaming platform led by UGC which will allow game developers to create games and publish them on our platform using our game development application which plans to leverage blockchain technology.

While the company is currently creating entertainment video content for its audience, it will soon launch a UGC-led social gaming platform.

Amit Behl, Partner at Info Edge India, said, “Gaming is a big media category with YouTube Gaming Live recording over 60 billion minutes of watch time in the first quarter of 2022. Similar to the success story created by WWE with Wrestling, Rusk’s Playground initiative has combined eSports gaming with drama, theater and storylines to create a highly engaging entertainment IP. We believe this IP paired with Rusk’s upcoming social gaming platform will become a category creator in eSports entertainment.

Ashish Iyer, Managing Director of Mistry Ventures, said, “Gen Z in India spends an average of eight hours a day online and 90% of them prefer to consume content in their local language. With its forays into gaming, SVOD and AVOD, Rusk has a full suite of solutions around Gen-Z themed content and interactive social entertainment that will further thrive with the upcoming 5G launch and increased digital penetration in India.

“With Playground, our goal of merging gaming with entertainment becomes a reality, we will continue to grow the gaming ecosystem and help media company advertisers reach audiences for whom gaming is a mainstream culture. We are excited about the multiple editions to come and are reaching an exponentially larger audience with the help of our partners and creating lasting value with intellectual property,” said Akshat Rathee, MD at NODWIN Gaming.

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