Digital radio will change the way Indians consume entertainment and news

As digital entertainment and news consumption grows in India, digital radio is poised to change the entire landscape of the creator economy, providing millions of people with the opportunity to experience music and live programming in a whole new way, Achrouf El DinarySVP, Digital Platform at US-based Xperi Corporations, said Saturday.

In a mobile-centric country with over 500 million smartphone users, music and content streaming has seen a huge surge on handheld devices in India.

Television has also seen the phenomenal rise of OTT and FM 2.0 radio is the way forward to harness Millennials and Gen Z listeners.

“Radio is still analogue in most parts of the country. HD Radio broadcasting enables broadcasters to compete with pure-play digital platforms and meet consumer expectations for a media-rich experience. The technology will enable the expansion of voices and media content in cost-effective delivery,” El Dinary told IANS.

Xperi Corporations HD Radio is currently available from more than 40 manufacturers on 200 passenger vehicle models in more than 75 million vehicles.

It also supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. HD Radio broadcasting has been successfully deployed in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines and Romania.

According to El Dinary, their discussions with the Indian government have so far been successful in bringing digital radio technology to the country.

The All India Radio (AIR) has recently submitted its report to Prasar Bharati on the digital radio technology trials conducted recently, and the further trials are ongoing.

“Whenever the decision is made in this regard, the industry will begin to put in place the infrastructure necessary for the expansion of digital radio”, he said.

HD Radio did a trial run with AIR and demonstrated its technological feasibility, signal quality and more.

We completed testing in 2021 and reports were generated in a number of ways. Our technology is very mature because we have developed an entire ecosystem around digital radio in many countries,” said El Dinary.

The HD Radio system operates “white spacebetween transmission frequencies allocated to transmit additional audio channels and programming over the same broadcast infrastructure and antenna system.

The result is a hybrid digital/analog signal in a broadcaster’s existing FM band.

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