Dreams Central, a Made in Dreams social entertainment hub, hits Kickstarter


A handful of ambitious creators aim to push Dreams to its limit – one group is building a social hub even before the creation suite is able to play online. While Dreams Central will remain an offline experience to begin with, the PlayStation Home-inspired project looks genuinely impressive, and we’re excited to check it out when it’s finished.

For now, however, the game is now a sustainable project on Kickstarter. On the project page, there is a ton of information about what it aims to be. Essentially, Dreams Central will be a hub of social entertainment focused on the gaming community. In addition to the public and private spaces, you will be able to customize your avatar, play various mini-games, and enjoy a curated selection of Dreams creations. A second phase of the project will also see the introduction of a full theme park. It all sounds good and is certainly a cutting edge creation to incorporate into the title of Media Molecule. When online multiplayer finally arrives, Dreams Central will benefit tremendously.

Regardless, the team is currently in crowdfunding to help bring the project to fruition, and if the lofty goals are met, make it even bigger.

Dreams Central isn’t the first Dreams creation to take the Kickstarter route; this year, Noguchi’s Bell raised funds to produce an animated series, while Splatty’s Adventure has done the same to help produce a full-scale 3D platformer.


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