Entertainment News | Bollywood stars should live up to action standards on OTT, says Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Mumbai, Mar 26th (PTI) Nawazuddin Siddiqui said on Saturday that it is time for Hindi cinema superstars to start focusing on improving their level of acting especially when working for the OTT platform .

During a conversation at ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit with Sumit Awasthi, the actor expressed his dissatisfaction with superstars who fail to meet the criteria for good deed in the digital medium.

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“Today the big stars started coming to OTT and they work here. Earlier OTT started with us and good content was created and people saw it. Then the stars came.

“The problem is that we usually have a good start at the start (in entertainment) and then it all goes like a hit,” said Siddiqui, who made his OTT debut with the 2018 hit Netflix series “Sacred. Games”.

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When asked in more detail if he meant big stars shouldn’t come to OTT, the actor said he wanted stars to live up to the standards of the digital space.

“They (stars) should (come to OTT) but they should do this acting standard, they do the same game.”

“The standard of acting that we saw on the OTT platforms early on should be there…like the kind of world-class series, acting that has been created, so work around it,” Siddiqui added.

The 47-year-old actor was speaking during the session called “The OTT Boom: The Actor as Star”.

When asked about Indian actors taking on Hollywood movies, Siddiqui said he didn’t understand their need to work in the West.

“They should watch our films more than we work in their films. I don’t understand why Western validation is so essential. Korean actors and filmmakers are big stars. They are bigger stars than Hollywood stars. We have to do this kind of cinema, we have subjects but we have to dare,” he added.

The 47-year-old actor said he really enjoys acting on various entertainment platforms – movies, OTT and theater.

He pointed out that there are fewer people watching films that are doing well at festivals around the world.

“For 20 years I’ve hoped there should be a culture for festival films, but it’s disappointing that it hasn’t happened yet. Some of our films do very well at film festivals, but when they come out here, they don’t succeed.

“There are few audiences for such films. People should go and see these films because they are really good. To watch such films, we all have to inculcate the appetite,” Siddiqui said.

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