Entertainment News | BTS At ‘Permission To Dance – Seoul’ Concert: We’re Truly At Home Now

New Delhi, March 10 (PTI) It was a homecoming for South Korean music sensation BTS, who held “Permission to Dance – Seoul” in person at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, a feat that was achieved after an interruption of more than two years due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

After two online concerts in the past two years and a field tour in Los Angeles last December, the septet was happy to perform for native ARMY, the band’s fan base.

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On Thursday, band leader RM said the members were “tired of going online” to meet fans.

“I had no idea how precious it was to see each other in person and jump together! I feel like we’ve taken a giant leap. We’re really home now. It was so important to us,” she added. old said.

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The group previously held a virtual version of the “Permission To Dance on Stage” concert last year, their first since “BTS Map of the Soul ON:E,” which was held online in October 2020.

During the 2.5 hour concert, which was also streamed live for international viewers via Weverse, they performed 21 songs including “Fire”, “Dope”, “Blue & Grey”, “Black Swan” and ” Blood Sweat Tears”.

Before opening the show with “On”, digital graffiti with the words “We Don’t Need Permission” appeared on a massive LED screen setting the tone for a cracker of a concert.

Jin said that they had been preparing for the stage act for a long time. Even though it was the same roadmap as their in-person concerts in Los Angeles, they wanted to redo it for audiences back home, the 29-year-old said.

“Since Korean ARMYs haven’t seen this set list, we didn’t want to change it too much. We left it at that,” he added.

As fans in the auditorium wore masks due to COVID1-19 guidelines, J-Hope said, “Since you can’t shout, we’ll shout for you.”

Several ARMY members on site were seen recording the live stage numbers and clicking photos of the music superstars as the band toured the stadium in two separate open-air mobile vehicles .

The music group, known for their energetic live performances, seemed happier meeting the Korean audience at a show on the pitch after so long.

From transforming into a majestic black swan with the help of masked background dancers, to grooving to the disco funk version of “Boy With Luv” to singing “Dynamite” and “Butter”, their two full-fledged English singles, With a live orchestra, BTS created another unforgettable memory tonight.

They also took a group selfie with ARMY as they sang the final notes of “Life Goes On,” the lead single from their 2020 album “BE,” released in the first year of the pandemic.

Over the past few years, when he couldn’t perform live, J-Hope said he realized he was a real singer because he “can’t do performances without the public”.

“I was missing waiting for you all. For the past few years, we wanted to do something for ARMY like online concerts and we also tried to do something on stage without an audience. But it was so difficult,” he said. he adds. – old man said.

Performing in front of fans face-to-face after two and a half years “felt a little weird,” Jimin said.

“We missed each other so much. It felt like coming home. It made my day,” the 26-year-old singer added.

BTS also performed the song “Happy Birthday” for Suga, who turned 29 on Wednesday.

Suga said the last time they held a show here, he asked fans to “wait a bit.” As fate would have it, the pandemic hit at the end of 2019 and the enforced hiatus lasted a bit too long.

“I expected to enjoy the show with the stadium full. Either way, we have better days ahead,” he added.

Later, Jung Kook teased the viewers that “this is the end” and the members left the stage saying goodbye. But fans in Seoul couldn’t stop cheering for the encore, and those watching online from around the world also didn’t leave the concert link secretly hoping for more.

After a short break, the band appeared on stage again for the ‘ARMY TIME’ special during which they performed “Home”, “Airplane pt.2”, “Silver Spoon” and “Dis-ease”.

“ARMY, instead of your voice, your applause just made me want to hear your voice even more,” V, 26, added.

Jung Kook said he was motivated to perform at the concert in person.

“I’m so happy right now. Let’s continue to be happy. This is just the beginning,” the 24-year-old said.

The grand finale came with “Permission To Dance,” which RM dedicated to ARMY watching the show in person and those watching virtually.

BTS is also looking forward to meeting fans in Las Vegas next month after their shows in Seoul in front of a live audience and their performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

They are nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Butter” at the Grammys.

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