Entertainment News | Only songs for the martyrs will not be enough, we will have to come to the aid of the soldiers and their families: Amitabh Bachchan

New Delhi, Oct 14 (PTI) Singing songs for the martyrs alone will not be enough and people must come forward and ‘set an example’ that they will stand up for the family members of fallen heroes or soldiers who have were seriously injured in battle, actor Amitabh Bachchan said.

He said this in a recorded video message, played during an event held Friday night at the National War Memorial complex here for the launch of the website — ‘Maa Bharati Ke Sapoot’ (MBKS), which will enable citizens to contribute to the Armed Forces Combat Casualty Welfare Fund (AFBCWF).

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Bachchan, the initiative’s ‘goodwill ambassador’, said he offered his ‘kartavya rashi’ (duty-donated funds) to soldiers and urged people to contribute to the fund.

“To protect a country, we have an army, guns, warships, fighter planes, missiles. But, for the safety of a soldier, we need ‘misaal’ (example). An example who will reassure our soldiers (‘Maa Bharati ke sapoot”) that if they are martyred at the front or become disabled in battle, then the whole nation will stand up to take care of their family members. We can’t go to the border, but within our limits we can help a soldier’s family,” he said in his Hindi message.

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In the video, the digital backdrop shown is the National War Memorial complex.

The government has dedicated itself to serving and helping the families of these soldiers and will continue to do so, but the work is enormous.

“Now, singing songs for the martyrs will not be enough. We will have to come forward. And we will have to do our duty as true and good citizens,” Bachchan said.

On Friday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh launched the website and in his remarks also said that “when we help soldiers or their families, it should not be out of a sense of charity or favour, but with a feeling of gratitude”.

The AFBCWF is a tri-service fund, which is used for the provision of immediate, gratis financial assistance to the families of our Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who lay down their lives or are seriously injured during active military operations, said a senior army official. .

Bachchan, in the recorded video message, also praised the soldiers guarding the borders around the clock.

“Have you seen a soldier of this country with attention. Watching eyes, finger on the trigger of the gun and a uniform he wears with his name on it. He sees the future of the country with those watchful eyes, finger on the trigger tells the enemy that if they set foot on Indian soil, they will be burned like hay And, if he ever comes back wrapped in a tricolor, the name on the uniform is to tell people that there was a son of India there who sacrificed his life willingly so that people could keep smiling,” he said.

In his address, the Minister of Defense thanked the 80-year-old actor for being the “goodwill ambassador” of the initiative.

Singh also said it is our moral and national duty to help the families of martyrs and wounded soldiers because “we can never repay what they have done for the country.”

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