Entertainment News | World’s first Sanskrit science film on ‘Mangalyaan’ to be presented to Prime Minister

Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 5 (PTI) The first Sanskrit science film in the history of world cinema, “Yaanam”, which revolves around India’s successful mission to Mangalyaan, is expected to hit audiences this month.

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The long-awaited classic-language science documentary, which revolves around the success story of the historic “Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)” aka “Mangalyaan”, will premiere to a selected audience on August 21 in Chennai.

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MOM was successfully launched in 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

ISRO Chairman S Somanath would launch the premier in Chennai at a ceremony also attended by former space agency chairman K Radhakrishnan and current VSSC director S Unnikrishnan Nair.

Ravi Kottarakkara, secretary of the South Indian Chamber of Cinema, would also take part in the programme, said national award-winning filmmaker Vinod Mankara, who helmed the docu-film.

He said ‘Yaanam’ is based on Radhakrishnan’s book ‘My Odyssey: Memoirs of the Man Behind the Mangalyaan Mission’.

“The objective of the documentary is to project the potentials of ISRO and the capabilities of its scientists in front of the world. It explains how the Indian scientists overcame all the limitations and made the complex mission to Mars a huge success right from the start. first attempt itself,” he told PTI.

Mankara said the film was made with the full support of ISRO.

He said the 45-minute documentary is a complete Sanskrit film because the entire script and dialogues are in the ancient language.

The majority of the ancient texts of the subcontinent, including that of space and astronomy, were compiled in Sanskrit and so what is wrong with using this language as a medium in a film that tells of the country’s mission to Mars, he asked.

The director’s “Priyamanasam”, only the third Sanskrit film in the world, had won the national award for best feature film in this language. It was also the opening film of the feature section of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in 2015.

In addition to screening it for the scientific community and at universities and colleges across the country, the director is also planning a world premiere of his documentary.

The 4K digital DTS movie is produced by AV Anoop under the AVA Productions banner.

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