Essen: Pensioners sue city for ‘pee money’ – now a verdict has been delivered

Meal. A rather bizarre legal battle in meal go on another round!

Pensioner Günter M. demanded his hometown meal bear the cost of defecation in public toilets. The state social court judges have now issued a verdict.

Essen: Pensioner asks hometown for ‘pee money’

This has been a hotly debated topic for years. Whether on the way to the holidays on the highway or strolling through the city center: when the bladder is tight, going to the toilet pays off in many places. Many people are upset that they sometimes have to pay up to a euro for such a need. The same applies to pensioner Günter M. from Essen.

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Here is the city of Essen:

  • dates back to the Frauenstift Essen, founded before 850
  • 582,760 inhabitants, nine districts and 50 districts, fourth largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • since 1958 seat of the new diocese of Essen
  • Monuments among others: Zeche Zollverein, Villa Hügel, Grugapark Essen
  • European Capital of Culture in 2010 and European Green Capital in 2017
  • The mayor is Thomas Kufen (CDU)


According to him, he has been living on welfare since suffering a stroke a few years ago. Since the illness, the degree of disability of the Esseners is 50%. In addition, Günter M. is tormented by another problem. He himself had calculated that he would have to pay 180 euros per month for public toilets. Three years ago, the pensioner finally decided to sue for this money.

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Before the social court, he demanded a “money pee”. On June 28, 2018 and in March last year, the player from Essen had to accept defeats in the first instance. On January 30, judges in Essen finally issued a verdict for the bizarre legal dispute.

Essen: Social court judges hand down judgments

As a result, Günter M. will in future have to pay for his necessities out of his own pocket when shopping or going for walks. During the hour-long hearing, his lawyer could not do anything for the retiree either. Nevertheless, the man from Essen does not give up.


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Günter M. declared himself ready to challenge this decision and, if necessary, even to appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court. .

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