Firestone Entertainment Center

The Firestone Entertainment Hub in Jamnagar, India has an indoor and outdoor multiplex cinema, go-cart track, five-star restaurants, a hotel and luxury shops under one roof. The owners of the site recently researched a new fire safety system and brought in Cavitak Marketing Pvt Ltd to lead the installation and specifications.

Parth Shah, Director of Emerging Advanced Technologies at Cavitak, said: “Being such a large space that incorporates so many different environments, we needed the reliability and standards that come with Japanese engineering and so we turned to to Hochiki for his expertise. After meeting the Hochiki Europe India branch team and discussing the unique requirements of the site, they recommended the L @ titude system.

The L @ titude control and indication product combines hardware and software in one platform, ensuring personal safety for difficult applications, such as the Entertainment Hub. The system provides networking capabilities and accessibility for multiple requirements in large applications. As for networking, it is essential that all spaces are protected and connected. However, the Hub has several tenants, all with their own personal safety requirements and concerns.

Overseeing the project, Sujeet Singh, Senior Sales Manager at Hochiki, said, “Due to the magnitude of this project, we met with representatives from every tenant, including the hotel, cinema and various restaurants, to better understand their personal safety needs. From these detailed conversations, we were able to correctly specify individual solutions to help protect each area of ​​the hub.

“For example, the PVR cinema required the use of beam smoke detection, while the Fern Hotel was better suited for point detection in each room. The entire system was then connected, controlled and monitored via the L @ titude system.

Hochiki was able to install various personal safety systems, totaling more than 700 devices in the space, all connected via the L @ titude control and indication system. The product company says the modular nature of L @ titude is suitable for larger settings like the Entertainment Hub, as it can network up to 32 panels with over 4000 subaddress points per panel. It is also possible to customize each panel with addressable loop detection circuits, conventional detection circuits, relay cards, additional siren outputs, or programmable I / O modules as required. At the Hub, this allowed each tenant’s circuits to be connected and controlled via a platform.

The reduced visibility of the system can be a consequence of operating larger facilities. However, L @ titude targets these common issues with its seven-inch display panel. As a user interface, containing a concise description of the location and status of each detection device, managers and facility managers have an overview of the system at a glance. In the event of an incident, having the power to add up to 64 users, all with profiles and access permissions, expands the pool of people who can analyze and react to a potential security event. people.

Regarding monitoring, L @ titiude has a network-wide ability to capture cause and effect entries, supporting up to 5,000 entries at a time with up to 20,000 entries and 20,000 exits. Entries can then be divided into groups.

Parth Shah added, “We are extremely pleased with the many benefits of the L @ titude system and are sure we know the stringent personal safety protection it will provide to Entertainment Hub visitors. We have left facility managers confident in operating and monitoring such a comprehensive life safety system, all thanks to L @ titiude’s advanced technologies and ease of maintenance.

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