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JUPITER, Florida, October 11, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Scheduled to air 1Q / 2022, an upcoming episode of Advancements featuring Ted Danson will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations for digital football.

This segment of Advancements will explore how technology is providing football entertainment fans with digital content using the latest advances in AI and technology. By taking a look at AimBroad, the audience will learn how the platform uses artificial intelligence to convert football matches into OTT digital content.

‘Football AI’ is a smart platform with data intelligence and object-oriented decision-making algorithms that analyze and learn from more than 5,000 English Premier League and Korean League games (and it’s not over) “, said Michael jang, CEO of AimBroad. Jang added, “A key feature of our technology is that it automatically converts all movements of football players into object codes in real time. She also analyzes player-to-player connection techniques to make new decisions in real time based on learning neural network algorithms. We are honored to share all of this information! “

Viewers will see how the technology works to create a new digital culture by combining analog and digital analysis.

“The technology converts analog football analysis into digital football AI in real time,” said Colin Ferguson, producer of the series Advancements. “We are excited to explore how this technology is turning things around for football fans.”

About AimBroad:

AimBroad is a real-time football AI cloud company. It offers digital snacking content for football fans and streaming service providers around the world easily and quickly via cloud AI. AimBroad enables anyone to analyze football like an expert and helps watch football on smart TV or smartphones in a more intuitive, fun and immersive way by providing rich digital content.

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