Four ways to get extra cash now and lower your bills this winter

MILLIONS of households across the UK are struggling with a higher cost of living.

Foodfuel and energy costs more than usual and increases interest rate put pressure on mortgage owners.


There are ways to tackle the cost of living crisisCredit: Alamy

But there are ways to help yourself financially during the winter, whether through broadband offers, advantages and grants and more.

Below we break down the four different ways to get more silver and help reduce your bills over the next few months.

Social broadband tariffs

Social broadband tariffs are available to people on certain benefits, including Universal Credit – they can reduce bills by hundreds of pounds a year.

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But you will need to contact your provider to get one. If your supplier does not offer one, you can change company.

This month, figures revealed by Ofcom showed that the number of households benefiting from social broadband tariffs had risen from 55,000 to 136,000 since January.

This means millions of people are still not benefiting from tariffs, which could reduce bills by £230 a year.

In August, Sun Money called on the government, regulator Ofcom and providers to do more to support struggling customers.

We launched a tool with Cost of life We champions to help highlight how much customers could save.

We have also called on companies to make it easier for customers to switch to tariffs.

How you apply will vary depending on your provider, as each will have their own eligibility rules.

Prices also vary, so it’s worth checking out different suppliers using price comparison sites such as Where Switch.

Find lost pensions

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has estimated at around £19.4 billion goes unclaimed in labor pensions.

This equates to a staggering average pot of £13,000 per person.

We have already done a report on a worker who found an old pot of retirement for find that he had multiplied the size.

So it’s definitely worth browsing through old work pension pots to see what you’re entitled to and it shouldn’t take more than an hour.

To find your old pensions, you can use the government pension research service.

Benefits and Subsidies

Millions of people receive government benefits, but there are also many who are eligible and missing out.

It’s always worth checking with the benefits office to see what you might be in line for.

But before that point, you can always use a benefits calculator.

Citizens Advice also has a full list of all the benefits you can claim on their website.

One benefit to which thousands of people are entitled but do not claim is care allowance.

According to the National Audit Office (NAO), around £230million has been underpaid to claimants over the past year.

This means attendance allowance is the benefit with the highest underpayment rate.

In addition to benefits, there are a number of subsidy programs set up by companies and the government to help households.

The government distributes a number of cost of living payments to millions.

For the full list, you can read our guide here.

Additionally, there is the Household Support Fund, residence tax assistance and targeted board support.

Energy companies often provide subsidies to struggling customers as well.

For a full list of companies doing this, you can read our article here.

Choose the right savings accounts

Banks raised their interest rates after the bank of england lifted the basic rate several times this year.

They were to fight in recent weeks to offer customers the best savings rates.

This has led some experts to suggest that savings rates could hit 5% within months. This is good news for people looking to save money.

Atom is a bank offering its customers competitive savings accounts.

It currently offers savers a return of 4.11% on savings of £50 or more in a one year fix.

This means that if a customer saves £1000 over the year, they expect to earn an additional £41.10 over that time.

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Again, it’s worth purchases around for the best OK using price comparators.

Since interest rates change so often, there is no need to rush to buy a savings account, especially with rates expected to rise.

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