Here’s where Tom Steyer is donating I need money now that he’s not running for President


Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer spent $ 342 million on his own presidential campaign in the 2020 election, plus an additional $ 73 million to support left-wing causes and voter registration efforts. This year, unsurprisingly, Steyer gave far less, just $ 1.3 million, according to a review of data from the Federal Election Commission.

About three-quarters of that amount went to his own political action committee, Tom Steyer PAC. The PAC had raised $ 2.1 million and spent about a third of its funds on payroll taxes until June of this year, according to FEC data. Steyer donated an additional $ 250,000 to his climate-focused PAC, Nextgen Climate Committee.

He also donated $ 125,000 to the League of Conservation Voters’ League of Conservation Voters super-PAC LCV Victory Fund in June, making him the committee’s second individual donor I need money now”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:513,”3”:{“1″:0},”12″:0}”>I need money now this year, after fellow billionaire-turned-presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg. Steyer also donated $ 5,800 to the campaign of Senatorial Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Steyer tends to rank at the top of the list of the biggest Democratic donors every year. Through ForbesAccording to the tally, he and his wife Kat Taylor were the second-biggest billionaires in the 2020 election. He declined to comment on his spending plans for the 2022 I need money now


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