Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association: Launching ceremony of the 3rd Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme

Announcement of 12 local game start-ups selected and Sharing of experience by different stakeholders

HONG KONG, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Organized by the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (HKDEA) and supported by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) as title sponsor, the Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme (GEPS) have achieved great popularity and remarkable results over the past two editions by successfully helping selected local game start-ups optimize and promote their nominated original games. Also under the sponsorship of CreateHK, HKDEA is organizing the 3rd GEPS this year to support a new batch of 12 local game start-ups to further improve the competitiveness of hong kong game industry.

The HKDEA held a launch ceremony for the 3rd GEPS on August 19, 2022. Ms. Jersey YUEN, Deputy Director of CreateHK was the officiating guest and she was joined by Mr. Gabriel PANG, Chairman of HKDEA and other guests to hold a groundbreaking ceremony to officially launch the 3rd GEPS. On the occasion of the announcement of the list of 12 local gaming start-ups selected to participate in the 3rd GEPS, representatives from each of these selected game start-ups also pitched their dedicated games to support to the attending local gaming industry mentors and practitioners. shared their experiences.

Ms. Jersey YUEN, Deputy Director of CreateHKexpressed his gratitude to HKDEA for hosting the GEPS again and wished the 12 designated games supported by the 3rd GPES will have great success with countless business opportunities in local and international markets.

Mr. Gabriel PANG, Chairman of HKDEAsaid at the launch event: “Starting a business may be easy, but building and sustaining it is not. Game design involves art design, programming and the like and, therefore, it requires a lot of resources and technology to create a popular game among gamers. HKDEA is very grateful for the continued support of CreateHK for the sponsorship of GEPS, which has provided pragmatic support to selected game start-ups to ease their financial burdens and We look forward to the selected 12 games start -ups can maintain the enthusiasm for game development to bring that of Hong Kong game industry to another level.”

During the 3rd GEPS, each of the selected game start-ups will receive global support as indicated below to improve the quality and profitability of its dedicated game:

  1. A grant for the marketing of HK$450,000 at HK$550,000 to promote its dedicated game on a cashback basis;
  2. Free advice from industry experts to enrich one’s knowledge in running the business and promoting the games;
  3. A series of free trainings on marketing, game testing and fundraising to improve its dedicated games;
  4. Two interns from relevant institutes, who are assigned to work in each selected game startup for two months to help the company conduct extensive testing and improve its dedicated game before the game is released in the market, along with the interns’ salaries entirely covered by the GEPS;
  5. Free promotion (e.g. in newspapers, internet, digital media platform, website and through a launch event, seminar, etc.) within the framework of the GEPS in order to maximize the public exposure of the selected game start-ups and their dedicated games.

In addition to the above support, the HKDEA set up a Hong Kong pavilion at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 held from May 15 to September 18, 2022, to promote the 12 local game start-ups selected from the 3rd GEPS and their dedicated games. The selected game start-ups were subsidized to participate in the Tokyo Game Show 2022 in Japancovering the rental and production costs of their booths as well as most of the expenses incurred by two staff members from each company, including airfare and hotel accommodation for them to attend the show in person and meet potential business partners from all over the world.

The 3rd GEPS supports local game start-ups that have been established for less than eight years and employ no more than 20 full-time employees to help each of them improve the quality and profitability of an original game designated that has never been marketed in any market. The genres of the 12 dedicated games supported by the 3rd GEPS range from role-playing, action, music, casual, shooter to adventure.

More details on the 3rd GEPS and the 12 selected game startups and their dedicated games are available at: https://www.geps.hk.

Selected game start-ups participating in the 3rd GEPS (in alphabetical order of company names)

Company Name

game name

Type of game


Dungeon Siege

Play a role

Blink Studio Limited

Overdrive Legends

Action / Role Playing

Bright Education Technology Limited

Shining Mages Saga

Play a role


ninja gear

2D action

Dream Engine Games Limited


Mobile rhythm game with rotation control

Goblin Gamer Company Limited

My little Jellymon

Super casual game

Jokey Studio Limited

Solve and Save – Animal Kingdom

puzzle adventure

Langeare Studio Limited

Stone of Sin Saga

Play a role

Level88 Limited

galaxy storm

Shooting game

QvQ Studio Limited

roll the monster

puzzle adventure


Rise of the island

casual game

Zoomob Limited

Sensation – Interactive Story


About Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (HKDEA)

Founded in 1999, HKDEA is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the development of digital entertainment in hong kong. Its mission is to achieve the following objectives – to stimulate the prosperity of the digital entertainment industry by fostering cooperation between local developers; opening and development of the digital market; valorization of local technology in order to increase the competitiveness of hong kong production; promote communication between the digital entertainment industry and related industries such as toys, entertainment and visual games; build a favorable idea for digital entertainment; and the protection of intellectual property rights and the elimination of counterfeit products. HKDEA website: www.hkdea.org

About Create Hong Kong

Create hong kong (CreateHK) is a dedicated office set up by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government in June 2009 to spearhead the development of creative industries in hong kong. Of July 1, 2022 from there it falls under the Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Its strategic focuses are nurturing talent and facilitating start-ups, exploring markets and promoting hong kong as from Asia creative capital and fostering a creative atmosphere in the community. CreateHK has sponsored the HKDEA in organizing different projects, including the three consecutive editions of the Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme to facilitate the development of hong kongdigital entertainment industry.

CreateHK website: www.createhk.gov.hk

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