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Matt Smith is “honored” to have covered a modern version of “Ninteteen Eighty-Four”.

The former “Crown” star reads the diary entries of classic George Orwell character Winston Smith in a new audiobook called “Twenty Twenty-One” to highlight the similarities between the increase in online surveillance and society predicted in the 1949 novel, and he was keen to raise awareness of “digital freedom.”

He said, “’Nineteen Eighty-Four’ is a literary classic and Winston is a fascinating character, so being able to bring the story into the modern world is an honor.

“Great literature retains a universality over time – especially true in the case of this novel, which still feels extremely relevant today.

“I got involved in this project because I believe that having digital freedom online is so important in today’s society. In a world where we may feel compelled to share more of ourselves than ever before, this is something that we should strive to be very diligent about. “

The story cover has been redesigned for modern times by illustrator and artist Rodrigo Corral.

The story was re-edited by Avast, which wants to protect digital freedom for everyone and secure their online privacy, and conducted a survey that found nearly seven in 10 people fear their online activity will be tracked. by sites and applications. they use, but 53% were unaware that their online information could be sold for advertising and marketing purposes.

Research has shown that 71% of Britons know or have read Orwell’s classic novel, and 82% believe the hyper-surveillance themes of the story are coming true today.

Shane McNamee, Chief Privacy Officer at Avast said: “Avast believes that online privacy is a fundamental human right. Online interactions that involve people’s personal data are not only economic transactions, but on the contrary are inextricably linked to digital identity or personality.

“Our research shows that many people agree that they should do more to protect themselves more online. By being informed and reviewing the personal data that consumers allow access to, and having the right tools to regain control of their online existence, users can take steps to better protect themselves online. In this way, we can help prevent “Nineteen Eighty-Four” from becoming a reality. “

Listen to the audiobook featuring Matt Smith via Spotify and Apple podcasts. ‘Twenty Twenty-One’ is also available as an eBook via Kindle. The book is priced at 99p and all proceeds raised will be donated to the Orwell Foundation.


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