How does Anna Delvey have money now? Details about Anna Sorokin now

Since being convicted of robbery and a host of other charges related to her fraudulent activity, Anna Delvey has been through a lot, but she hasn’t let it kill her crook instincts.

Delvey, also known by her real name Anna Sorokin, “Inventing Anna”, the limited series produced by Shonda Rhimes for Netflix which tells how a young Russian-born woman planned her way through an international social scene, with Julia Garner portraying her .

After being criminally charged for her scam, everyone’s favorite ‘fake heiress’ faced a steep price tag when she was ordered to pay nearly $199,000 in restitution to her victims.

So, you might be wondering how the infamous Anna Sorokin had money to pay for her crimes?

How does Anna Delvey have money?

Between his Netflix payment and several other business ventures, Delvey found a way to move forward financially despite his past.

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Netflix paid her to “Invent Anna”.

The allegedly reformed fraudster was hired as a paid consultant for the Netflix show ‘Inventing Anna’, which is based on her life and a New York Magazine article about her crimes.

Delvey says she used her $320,000 fee to put her past behind her once and for all.

“I paid $198,000 – something for restitution, which I paid in full and immediately, and the rest at my legal expense,” she told the New York Times.

The NFT “Reinventing Anna” collection.

Inspired by the intrigue that followed the Netflix drama, Delvey released “Reinventing Anna”, a collection of NFT artworks that tell her story.

“I see this first drop as an opportunity to connect directly with my audience and take charge of the narrative that has been largely out of my control, until now,” Delvey writes on the collection website.

“I’m very excited to join the NFT community and help change the way artists/creators interact with their fans. It’s great to be a part of something new and innovative – a big part of my own story is about breaking the rules and challenging the status quo.In this new chapter of my journey, I hope to use my voice for a positive (and legal) cause.

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Delvey hit 10 NFTs with perks, including ‘exclusive access’ to her over the phone, she explained at NBC News.

Among these, three “ultra platinum NFTs” will allow buyers to meet her and receive a package of “personal items” from her.

His next docuseries.

In February 2022, Deadline revealed that Delvey is currently working with Bunim/Murray Productions (of “Surviving R. Kelly” and “The Real World”) to produce a docuseries that picks up where “Inventing Anna” left off.

The goal is not just to update viewers on Delvey’s life and provide more insight into her story, but to give her more agency to tell it herself.

Bunim/Murray Productions Director of Development Michael Driscoll is leading the project and shared his vision in a statement to Deadline.

“Anna’s story is very much alive and continues to unfold as we speak. We’ve been developing this project with her for months now – and have spent countless hours on phone and video calls with her,” says the communicated.

“He’s a complicated and compelling character, and we can’t wait to tell the next chapter in his ever-evolving story.”

His art exhibition.

In May 2022, Variety reported that Delvey’s art dealer orchestrated a one-night-only solo art exhibition at New York’s Public Hotel. The “Allegedly” collection included 20 pieces created by Delvey while he was detained in an ICE detention center in upstate New York.

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“I wanted to capture some of the moments of the past few years, both unheard and iconic, using the limited tools I have,” Delvey explained in a pre-recorded message played by the DJ for guests at the event.

“Some of the pieces are simple, others are more abstract and will have a unique meaning and appearance to the viewer.”

She concluded her message by saying, “You have already heard so many voices, but this is the beginning of my story, my story from my point of view. Hope you enjoy the show.

Anna Delvey’s story has attracted a cult following.

Despite his crimes, Delvey fans are largely supportive of his money-making efforts

Delvey was born in Russia in January 1991, then moved with her family to Germany as a teenager. according to Cosmopolitan.

Later, she found herself in Paris, where she began to build the socialite personality that would ultimately change her life.

From Paris, Delvey traveled to New York, fitting into an affluent social scene but still managing to avoid paying for her luxurious lifestyle, according to The Cutone of the first media to tell his story.

That lifestyle came to a screeching halt in October 2017, when Delvey was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department as part of a planned sting operation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, with the help from his former friend Rachel DeLoache Williams.

Williams began cooperating with authorities after Delvey slapped her with the bill for a trip to Marrakech that cost more than $60,000.

Following her arrest, trial, and conviction, Delvey was incarcerated on Riker’s Island, New York – where she served four years in prison before being released on good behavior.

She is currently being held by ICE in Southern California and is appealing his scheduled deportation.

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