How to turn YouTube into your ultimate entertainment hub


YouTube is great for streaming music and watching fun home videos, but it can also be your primary source for organized online media and offline music. Here’s how to unleash the true power of YouTube and use it for more than just cat videos.

Create and organize your playlists

The basis for unleashing the power of YouTube is to have an organized system of playlists. We all watched a video and struggled to find it later to watch it again or show it to friends. With playlists, you can save all your favorite videos and create music playlists to listen to. Here are the steps to create a playlist on your browser:

  1. Click the menu button to the left of the YouTube logo at the top of the page.
  2. Click on “Playlists”
  3. Click “New Playlist”, add a title and select your privacy preference before clicking “Create”

Now create all the playlists you think you need and tag them according to the types of videos you watch. For example: I separate my music by style and genre to make videos easy to find, but I also have music playlists that can just be played when I’m doing a specific task like work or exercise . There is “Acoustic”, “A’capella”, “Yoga Music” and so on. Movies and TV shows each have their own playlists, and I compose the names of other playlists as I go, like “Funny Stuff”, “TED Talks”, “Game Tutorials”, and more Again. Once you’ve set up your playlists based on the videos you’re browsing and watching on YouTube, then you can start building your media collection.

Build your media collection

It’s easy to build your media collection by adding videos to your playlists whenever you come across one you like or find something that you are actively looking for.

Your YouTube account comes with a “Liked Videos” playlist. You can treat it like an Evernote “Inbox” folder, so every video you boost will be saved in that playlist and you can find it later to put it in a different playlist. . After placing the video in its place, you can unlink it (if you want) to keep the “Liked Videos” playlist up to date and uncluttered. In addition, you have a “Watch Later” section for videos that interest you but cannot watch right now.

You can also save playlists created by other users by clicking on the big “+” in the upper right corner of the playlist, and subscribe to the channels you frequent so that when you navigate to your page d home you will see their latest videos and never miss the most recent content. of them. Then you can also organize these videos into playlists.

Get more precise search results

You need to know how to find the best videos in order to grow your collection, and YouTube’s search engine is more intuitive than you think. With just a few more words, you can narrow down your options and find the videos you are really looking for. Here are some examples:

  • Limit your search to recent videos by adding “, this week” or “, today” after your search query. Example: “Lifehacker, this week”.
  • Search for movies without accessing the movie channel using “movie”.
  • Use the “allintitle” operator and quotes around your query to find an exact match. Example: allintitle: “google va gaga”

There’s more where these come from, and they’re all just as simple. To verify this Digital Inspiration post form for a full list. Use them to help you simplify your searches by narrowing your search results and finding the videos you’re looking for faster.

Expand your collection of movies and TV shows

YouTube has pretty cheap movies and TV shows, and their collection is bigger than you might think. The cinema channel offers popular movies like Transformers, Pitch Perfect, and 22 Jump Street at a lower price than other online retailers like iTunes. For example: the popular musical Pitch Perfect is $ 14.99 on iTunes, but it’s only $ 12.99 on YouTube. There are similar price differences for TV show favorites like Family Guy, Glee and NCIS. Buying movies and TV shows on YouTube means they’re stuck there and you need an internet connection to watch them, but it can be worth it for good movies and shows you don’t want to pay for. exorbitant prices. You can even watch content from your mobile devices and stream it to your set-top box like any other YouTube video.

Take your music offline with Music Key

Once you have mastered your YouTube music collection, all you have to do is log out with Music Key. Music key is a new service provided with the existing Google Play All Access service (and vice versa). It brings some new features, like downloading videos to watch offline, playing your music in the background on your mobile device, and removing YouTube ads. If you already have a Google Play All Access subscription, you now have these features in addition to the supers you have already had, and if not, it’s definitely worth considering $ 9.99 per month.

Note: You can also take your movies and TV shows offline. Every time you buy a movie from YouTube, it shows up in your Google Play account. Cache it to watch without internet connection with the Google Play Movies & TV app for Android and iPhone.

YouTube has been the norm for somewhat haphazard use, like watching videos and songs that your friends tell you about. However, if you take the initiative to create playlists, build a collection of cheap or free content, and take your music offline with Music Key, you will experience the real potential and convenience that YouTube has to offer. , even if it just means that you stop losing the videos that you really wanted to show your friends.


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