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NEW YORK, Sep 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and ideas from executives at: Corsair Gaming (NASDAQ: CRSR) , ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) and Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA).

Corsair Gaming (NASDAQ: CRSR) Andrew Paul, CEO: “Gaming hardware is booming”
“… Players continue to purchase and upgrade their equipment, even as out-of-home entertainment and travel reopens … We are now at an execution rate of $ 2 billion compared to our revenue of $ 1.1 billion in 2019, which is a strong dynamic for our business. We therefore continue to expand our resources and invest heavily in R&D, marketing and infrastructure. We’ve launched over 75 new products so far this year, which is just an incredible pace of innovation… “

“… We continue to observe that the gaming equipment market is at an early stage of development. The average pre-COVID annual growth for PC gaming devices has been around 24% per year in the United States and a similar rate in Western Europe, where we are able to collect detailed market data. Now in 2020, with the lockdown, that figure has jumped to around 80%. These growth figures are significantly higher than the increase in the number of new players in the market or the growth rate of video game software. What we think is that after people have learned to play PC games for a while and become good at it, they start to want better specialized gaming equipment. And because the market is still at an early stage and the penetration is so low, we are seeing such high growth rates in gaming hardware due to the low base. High-end graphics cards have been very difficult to buy over the past 6 months, and we believe there are a large number of gaming enthusiasts behind the scenes waiting to build a new PC on top of the high number. of people who actually built a new gaming platform … “
Corsair Gaming (NASDAQ: CRSR) Revenue Highlights: https://bit.ly/3tlvrIr

Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF): “On track for $ 100 million in esports revenue”
ESE Entertainment (TSX.V: ESE) (OTC: ENTEF) CEO Konrad Wasiela, featured presenter of Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK live investor conference, recently briefed investors on his goal of making a ‘ESE a billion dollar global company. Wasiela said “ESE now has a growing M&A pipeline with annual sales of over $ 100 million” and expects to close a significant number of these potential deals in the near future. months to come. ENTEF has just announced the acquisition of esports company Auto Simulation Limited T / A Digital Motorsports, an Irish provider of advanced sim racing infrastructure, technology and support. Simulation racing is one of the hottest growth categories in the global multi-billion dollar esports market.

ENTEF recently completed the acquisition of gaming and esports infrastructure company, WPG. In 2020, WPG’s assets generated revenues of over C $ 14,000,000. This transaction is expected to make ENTEF one of the largest esports infrastructure companies in the world, connecting esports companies with their fans and customers.

Watch ESE (OTC: ENTEF) (TSX.V: ESE) Next live video from Super Stock: https://bit.ly/3tdhcVV

In his interview with Wall Street Reporter, ESE CEO Konrad Wasiela said the company is now poised to scale – expanding its global presence, with new partnerships with global brands like Porsche, generating growth revenue with a focus on sales and margin expansion; and mergers and acquisitions opportunities. ESE is now growing rapidly, with multiple revenue streams including E-Sports infrastructure software powering global tournaments, exclusive digital media distribution, broadcast rights, and ownership of world-class leagues and teams. , including its global E-Sports K1CK franchise.
Watch ESE (OTC: ENTEF) (TSX.V: ESE) Next live video from Super Stock: https://bit.ly/3tdhcVV

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, Inc. (NASDAQ: EA): “Key Growth Drivers: Building on Leadership in Sport; Growth of successful franchises; Extend online and mobile services ”

“…. Even as the world took steps to reopen, we deepened the engagement and connections for players in and around our games. And we see this trend continuing into the future. Our talented teams deliver experiences that hundreds of millions of players want to play, and our new launches, cutting edge games and life services have all performed very well during the quarter. Executing our long-term strategy continues to drive the growth of our business. Sales, net bookings and EPS were all above our expectations for the first quarter. We are now increasing our net sales, net bookings and full year EPS guidance, and we also expect our second largest quarter of all time. “

“… Our long-term strategy is focused on 4 key opportunities: the continued creation of quality games and content with a focus on mobile, tools for the community to foster deeper engagement with our content , aggregation and distribution of content and services. to more platforms, business models and geographies, and harnessing the power of social ecosystems in and around our games. Within this framework, in fiscal year ’22, we continue to tackle 3 key growth drivers: strengthening our leadership in sport; develop our successful franchises; and the expansion of on-line services across our portfolio, including mobile services … “

“… At the root of these growth engines is the fact that games, and in particular our portfolio experiences at Electronic Arts, are creating social connections for more and more people around the world. Over 0.5 billion gamers are coming together through the social networks formed in and around our games, and we’re seeing that continue to grow. With some of the most talented teams in the industry, a vast pipeline of innovative experience in established and new intellectual property, new content partnerships, and more ways to connect and experience the game, we are positioning our business. for continued growth and leadership this year and beyond. . “
Electronic Arts, Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) Profit Highlights: https://bit.ly/3n9xwWW

Frank Gibeau, CEO of Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA): “Several catalysts in place to generate strong revenue growth and margin expansion”

“… We achieved our highest ever second quarter revenue of 720 million, up 59% year-over-year and record bookings of 712 million in the second quarter, a 37% year-over-year increase … Looking ahead, we are incredibly excited about our positioning in the dynamic and rapidly growing interactive entertainment industry and the multiple catalysts we have put in place. place to generate strong revenue growth and margin expansion in the years to come. Executing our multi-year growth strategy enables Zynga to drive recurring organic growth from our expanding live services portfolio and our new games pipeline. In addition, we are investing in hyper-casual gaming, cross-platform gaming, international expansion and ad technology, all of which have the ability to significantly increase Zynga’s total addressable market and further enhance our competitive edge and our growth potential within the interactive entertainment industry. .. “

“… We remain incredibly excited about the ongoing growth trends in interactive entertainment as well as Zynga’s unique position as one of the world’s leading mobile game developers and publishers. Our investments to date have added significant scale to Zynga’s portfolio while expanding our studios, enhancing our platform capabilities, and amplifying our collaborative culture … as we navigate short-term market momentum , we remain convinced that the continued execution of our multi-year program Our growth strategy will position us for continued growth in our sales and improved operating leverage in the years to come… ”.

Highlights of earnings from Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA): https://bit.ly/2WWcwrm


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