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Lily Collins considers Ashley Park to be her “soul mate of friendship”.

The 32-year-old actress stars alongside 30-year-old Ashley in the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’, and Lily revealed that they’ve formed instant chemistry.

Lily explained, “It’s such an amazing experience to meet someone as an adult, when you’re an adult, and gravitate so hard to them, like a soul mate of friendship. Ashley doesn’t make me forgive me. questioned and doubt who I am now. “

Lily and Ashley first met at a table read for “Emily in Paris”, and they’ve already formed a solid bond.

The Hollywood star told the January digital issue of GLAMOR UK: “Ashley can uplift you in the times you need it, and yet she can come back down and be grounded in the times you didn’t know you were quiet and sitting down. . “

Last month, meanwhile, Lily admitted to feeling inspired by her ‘Emily in Paris’ character.

The actress stars as Emily Cooper on the hit series, and she admitted to being inspired by her eye-catching sense of style.

She said: “I think Emily’s bold choice and not being afraid to mix things up has rubbed off on me.”

Lily has always been passionate about fashion. However, acting on the show made her braver than ever.

The brunette beauty explained, “I always loved fashion growing up so I was never afraid of it, but I didn’t always think it would work on me. Add these little influences here and there – Emily encourage me to do it more. “

Lily also believes she has grown on a personal level amid the pandemic.

She said: “I definitely used the time to learn and grow and educate myself on a lot of different things, especially how can I be a better person? How can I understand myself more so that I can be a more attentive, empathetic and supportive partner, daughter, friend, colleague – all those things that make up who I am. How can I be kinder to myself, to myself? “

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