Money now accessible after more than $150,000 raised for former Lehigh University coach locked in PayPal account for over a month | Lehigh Valley Regional News

WARRINGTON, Pa. — More than $150,000 raised for former Lehigh University coach Andy Coen was held in a PayPal account for more than a month, but after 69 News asked about it topic on Tuesday, the company called and told us that the account was now unlocked.

Coen has Alzheimer’s disease and is receiving treatment at the Bristol House Memory Care facility.

PayPal told us it had reached a “positive resolution” with Bob Lewis, Coen’s friend who organized the fundraiser, and the money is now available. The company did not say why the money was blocked in the first place. We called Lewis and he said he hadn’t spoken with PayPal, but he confirmed the money was now available.

It all goes back to Lewis’s Feb. 18 fundraiser, when hundreds of people packed into Lehigh University’s wooden dining hall to support Coen, the world’s winningest football coach. school history.

“The event was very well attended. Over 250 people,” Lewis said.

Bristol House Memory Care

We met Lewis at Bristol House Memory Care where Coen now lives.

“Medical insurance doesn’t cover him, and depending on how much care he needs, it can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 a month just to stay at this facility,” Lewis said.

Through events, the website, and a GoFundMe, Lewis and others have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Coen and his family. This includes the over $150,000 in the PayPal account, but for over a month Lewis was unable to access the money.

“There were over 500 people who donated money to this PayPal account for Coach Coen who expected the money to go to the family, and not be held in the PayPal account,” Lewis said.

Lewis said he called the company five times in the past month, provided his driver’s license for identification, but then said PayPal had crossed a line.

“After jumping through all the hoops, PayPal asked for six months of my personal bank statements, and Ed Shepp and I, who was the other organizer, said you know what they’re really asking for too much at this point” , says Lewis.

After regaining access to the account, Lewis told us he received a message from the company saying in part “Your account has been restored. We have reviewed the information you provided and have removed the limitation imposed. You You will now be able to access any function that was previously restricted. We appreciate your patience in helping us resolve this issue.”

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