M’sia will open the largest indoor entertainment center in Genting with water park, cable cars and residences

Genting Indoor Entertainment Hub Tropicana WindCity will have an aquarium restaurant and roller coaster

Genting Highlands is a famous destination among Singaporeans for its affordable rates and unique experiences. The next time you go there for a vacation, there will probably be tons of new additions to look forward to.

Indeed, an indoor entertainment center, Tropicana Windcity, is about to open in Genting Highlands. While there’s no official opening date yet, artist impressions of the venue are already getting us excited about what to expect.

Source: Places Malaysia

About a 40-minute drive from KL, the 596-acre property will be a must-visit destination for tourists of all ages.

Malaysia to open largest indoor entertainment center in Genting Highlands

According to the developer’s website, Tropicana Windcity will comprise three developments – Tropicana Grandhill, Tropicana Paradise and Tropicana Avalon – all surrounded by lush greenery.

indoor entertainment center 1

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The site is intended to be “a holistic retail, leisure and residential oasis,” Yahoo! New. Based on the concept photos, we can definitely see why, with seemingly spacious malls that feature jaw-dropping details like this indoor waterfall.

indoor entertainment center 2

Source: Places Malaysia

Upcoming tourists can expect a variety of experiences such as go-karts, ski resorts, roller coasters and more.

Let loose at the water park and ski resort

In addition to shopping until you drop, the whole family can let off steam at the indoor water park, where you can splash around regardless of the weather that day. It looks like you can even surf there, so keen beginners can test out the small waves before hitting the real ones at the beach.

indoor entertainment center 4

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Just like SEA Aquarium, visitors can observe marine life in an indoor aquarium. Who says you can’t appreciate the wonders of nature in an urban setting?

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When hunger strikes, head to the aquarium restaurant to watch a fascinating school of fish swim by while sampling mouth-watering culinary creations.

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Ride the cable cars and visit lush gardens

If you can’t tell how big the place is, maybe this illustration will give you a better picture. Cable cars will apparently be available to take you from one end to the other as the walking is so last year.

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Since you’ve saved energy by using your feet, you can spend it on an outdoor ropes course or a hike in the jungle.

indoor entertainment center 8

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Those who prefer fast adrenaline rushes can try their breathtaking roller coaster.

indoor entertainment center 10

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End the evening with a stroll through their illuminated gardens, which will calm your senses and provide you with great photo ops.

indoor entertainment center 11

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A mountain getaway

Singaporeans wanting to escape the hectic city life can take a break at this oasis in a serene city surrounded by natural greenery.

indoor entertainment center 12

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Relax on sun loungers where you can marvel at the majestic view or dip into the pool to clear your head. After all, you deserve a break once in a while.

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Impress bae with a chic date while watching the sunset with a beautiful mix of pink and blue-purple hues.

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Thanks to the luxury dining experiences and holistic environment, lovers of tranquility can enjoy a little piece of paradise.

Source: Says Malaysia

Nice to be returning to Genting Highlands soon

Many of us want to return to Genting Highlands to relive the adventures we had with our friends and family. However, it looks like there are plenty of new adventures we can try out very soon.

Although the opening date has yet to be announced, it might be time to start saving money for your next big vacation soon.

That way, you can splurge on exciting experiences with those who matter most.

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Featured image adapted from Tropicana Corporation Berhad and Tropicana Grandhill.

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