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2022 United States Super 8mm Film & Digital Video Festival Day 1 – Program 1 – Short and experimental films (virtual screening)

Saturday February 19, 2022 at midnight

New Jersey Film Festival
71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901

11 short films available online for 24 hours on February 19 from midnight

III. – Tim Dübbert (Mönchengladbach, Germany) – A long time ago, a sailor received a letter with 9 rules. They guide him on his long journey back to his beloved. Entirely shot and animated on Super 8 film. 2021; 13 minutes

When I Die – Alan Griswold (Los Angeles, CA) – During the pandemic and amid the lockdowns, while rummaging through massive amounts of paperwork, media and other junk that had accumulated over the past decades, several reels of black and white super 8 film have been discovered. Shot in St. Louis, MO, in 1995 and lost in a move to Los Angeles two years later, they were the bones of a short film that never got past an initial tinkered with a film transfer slap. -dab which was nothing more than the reels projected on a wall and shot with a VHS camcorder. The pandemic – a time of forced reflection – was the perfect time to finally finish what had been started. When i die has always been envisioned as a kind of non-narrative eulogy on the song “The Dreaming Moon” by The Magnetic Fields. Luckily, The Magnetic Fields very kindly gave the song permission to license, finally bringing this 26-year-old project to a close. 2021; 9 minutes

Foreign ages – Sally Walker-Hudecki (Toronto, Canada) – The epistolary experience by presenting the fractured consciousness as a complex partial seizure (in which one remains awake but in an altered state) blurs life spontaneously. Set in a dystopian and claustrophobic Toronto, “Stranger Ages” is a young woman’s brief glimpse into an interrupted life. Super 8mm and digital action and music, synchronized through collages, capture the experience of recognizing yourself despite a powerful fear during active neurological events. This type of crisis can cause an extreme déjà vu as well as something never seen before: inability to recognize what is familiar to you. The film portrays experiences of crisis from the inside rather than the outside. 2021; 7 minutes.

Deconstructed Origins – Paul Vinsonhaler (Memphis, Tennessee) – Video clip shot on expired 8mm film from the 1970s. 2021; 5 minutes

Parenthesis – Vasilios PapaioannuParenthesis, a short impressionist poem, frees the inserted thought of its master. The film’s mirrored start and finish makes the material inserted, not as an explanation or an afterthought, but rather as the dominant point where the natural and civilized worlds claim their separate space before colliding, as the breath continuous sea becomes more and more intense and urgent. Anything that can happen in the outside world is kept at bay by the visual brackets. 2021; 5 minutes

No̦sphere РMiles Sprietsma (Portland, Oregon) РA playful version of an outdated anthropocentric philosophy, No̦sphere juxtaposes the beauty of a supplanted landscape with the inescapable detritus of an egocentric species. 2021; 5 minutes

The Guy on the Bed – Mike Hoolboom (Toronto, Canada) – News of another pandemic, the one that “changed everything” before it fell from the news cycle and collective memory, except for those newly infected, or those who, like me, have managed a new life after death. Based on a text by David Wojnarowicz. 2021; 4 minutes

My parents wanted me to … – Cheryl Hess (Philadelphia, PA) – In this micro-documentary, cabaret artist Dito van Reigersberg aka Martha Graham Cracker talks about her relationship with her parents and their reaction to her dragster character. 2021; 3 minutes

Movie for Storm by Hirsch – Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (Lincoln, Nebraska) – Psychedelic images rephotographed, painted and striped, glued and abstract. A tribute to the underground poet and experimental filmmaker, Storm de Hirsch; one of the great little-known women of avant-garde cinema. Film for Hirsch’s Storm [aka “Women’s Time”] is a handmade film and a tribute to the legendary filmmaker Storm de Hirsch, one of the pioneers of underground experimental cinema in the 1960s. Film for Hirsch’s Storm includes images of clothespins and filmmakers, slowed down to suggest the idea of ​​women’s expectation, women’s time, women’s spaces; women artists and filmmakers “waiting” to be rediscovered. Their work endures and inspires so many young experimental filmmakers and female videographers who seek the path of the many avant-garde women who paved the way for experimental cinema, video and art. 2021; 3 minutes

The Window of Nostalgia – Charlotte Griffin (Irvine, California) – The body participates in the dotted play of light and darkness. Through the window of nostalgia, the dancer marks her memory of oblivion. Produced by director / choreographer / editor Charlotte Griffin with cinematographer Grant Speich, assistant dancer / editor Waeli Wang and composer Milica Paranosic, this meditative imagery is also in development as a multi-screen installation and live performance on different media. 2021; 16 minutes

Swimming in the Clouds: Covid Time Dreams and Videos – Collection One – Dorothea Braemer / Termite TV (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – The filmmakers share their COVID dreams that range from funny and deeply personal to political and traumatic. With works by Anula Shetty, Roxana Walker-Canton, Mike Mulcahy, Meryl Perlson, Kyla Kegler, Alan Powell and Jim Ospenson. 2021; 24 minutes

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