NYC Grows As A Hub For Small Digital And Entertainment Businesses

New York: the new capital of startups?

Of course, New York is a financial capital. But what about the city as the capital of startups? According to the SeedTable website, 127 startups were founded in New York City in the past 12 months.

Major tech players are also increasing their presence here. Google has expanded its offices in West Chelsea and recently announced it will offer free public Wi-Fi in the neighborhood.

Across the river in downtown Brooklyn, more than 500 creative and tech companies have been occupying buildings that have been vacant for years. And nearly half of them are expected to at least double their workforce over the next three years, said Walsh of the New York City Small Business Services Department.

Blank, who founded his company in 2004, said it’s empowering to see New York’s creative and digital community grow.

“Before, there wasn’t a lot of community for us. Our closest peers were in advertising, but this industry has been in New York City forever,” Blank said. “We are a much younger company focused on the digital world. It’s exciting because now we feel like we have a community of peers. ”

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Written by CNBC’s Heesun Wee. Follow her on twitter @heesunwee

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