One Digital Entertainment Partners With Holosuit To Bring AR / VR Experience To The World Of Creators

MUMBAI: One Digital Entertainment, India’s premier digital video and creator network, partners with Holosuit to bring mixed reality using AR / VR technology to the world of creators for the very first time! By marrying their content with AR, VR, AI, ML; One Digital Entertainment has entered a new league ensuring the enhancement of the viewing experience, especially for character games and storytelling by bringing the real and virtual world together.

Holosuit, which is the first affordable, two-way, wireless, and easy-to-use full-body motion capture suit, acts as a bridge between the virtual world and the real world. This is a combination with a full immersion sensor and feedback that allows you to point, touch and feel 3D objects creating a 4D immersive experience, which is signaled (by Forbes, NY) as a breakthrough technology enabling a whole new generation of mixed reality applications. It contains options for multiple built-in sensors and haptic feedback devices scattered across the arms, legs, and ten fingers combined with built-in buttons. By capturing movement data of the user’s whole body and using haptic feedback, it feeds back information to the user for scenarios such as neuro-rehabilitation, sports, healthcare, l ‘education, games, entertainment, skills development, automotive, factory training, disaster response, robot training, defense or industrial exploitation, etc. It is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS, HTC Vive, Oculus and similar AR / VR / MR platforms. It is a wireless platform and comes with an SDK which gives developers endless possibilities to build real and virtual applications.

“AR / VR technology will open up a whole new world of digital content creation and allow creators to enhance their creative prowess. This fusion of technology and creativity will bring a whole new category of content and creators will be able to produce content that until now has only been possible by large, expensive studios with complex editing. I am very excited about this technology-driven collaboration, says Mr. Gurpreet Singh, COO, One Digital Entertainment.

I believe that our full body motion tracking suit will be able to create a space for creative minds to develop their experience in more varied ways. Holosuit virtualizes your body and simulates real-world environments enabling immersive mixed reality experiences. I believe creators can soak up such an experience with their ideation and start creating a new league of content that was not possible before. I look forward to working with One Digital Entertainment, says Harsha Kikkeri, CEO of HoloSuit Pte Ltd.,

Holosuit already launched two versions of their costume a few months ago. It lets you feel the virtual experience throughout your body with sensors and haptic feedback devices that send vibrations to your body when a VR application sees fit.

Previously, Holosuit had raised several investment rounds. It has seen significant growth over the past few months with a current investment cycle of $ 35 million and drastically takes on multiple sectors like automotive, media and content, healthcare, games and sports, etc. . He also recently won the Elevate 2018 Startup Award from the Government of Karnataka, which awarded him up to Rs 50 lakhs and also recently linked up with cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

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