Perfect World embraces new changes in the digital entertainment industry with science-technology and culture

SHANGHAI, August 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert H. Xiao attended and spoke at the China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) at Shanghai to July 29.

In his speech, Dr. Xiao explained how Perfect World explores new product forms with the support of scientific technology and culture.

As the new changes in consumption and business models brought about by digitalization will meet people’s ever-increasing needs for a better life, Perfect World has adhered to the position of a high-quality content provider to constantly create new products, said Dr. Xiao.

On the one hand, Perfect World insisted on self-developed technologies ranging from PC games and mobile games to game engines; on the other hand, the Group seeks in-depth cooperation with national partners in the video game sector.

In addition, Perfect World actively applies advanced technologies in its cultural products aimed at providing users with new scenes and experiences. Perfect World has applied new technologies such as AR, VR and MR in its e-sports tournaments, and users are also allowed to experience “dark technology” at Perfect World’s VR e-sports booth this year. China Joy, which allows players to embody a character to fight in CS:GO or DOTA 2 competition.

In terms of culture, Dr. Xiao pointed out that as an industry favored by the younger generation, the digital culture and entertainment industry should attach importance to setting correct values ​​for young people and the enrichment of the cultural connotation of its products.

“Traditional Chinese culture has always been an inspiration for Perfect World. We have created ‘Unruly Heroes’ and other internationally acclaimed IPs that originate from the classic Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’, and we will also associate with excellent artists in China to build a new ecosystem for China’s original animation,” said Dr. Xiao.

In the light of the “Creative Thinking” proposed by the Group, Perfect World is committed to accelerating the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, and the Group is trying to help traditional scenery venues to achieve upgrading digital via its “gamified immersive experience”.

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