Play-to-Earn games introduced in Japan via Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. ltd. (DEA) and BITPOINT

Tokyo, Japan, February 1, 2022, Chainwire

Singaporean blockchain gaming and entertainment company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. ltd. (DEA) today announced the listing of its DEAPcoin cryptocurrency token (ticker “DEP”) on BINARY POINTthe popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange.

It brings play-to-earn games to Japan, a leading country in the adoption of web3 technologies. The listing allows people in Japan to buy DEP tokens and allows them to exchange them for Japanese yen easily, safely and securely.

It also brings a burgeoning niche of the web3 industry to the Japanese market, which is known for rapidly adopting gaming niches and related technologies. Players and fans can now take advantage of the popular “play-to-earn” gaming model that has taken the blockchain gaming industry by storm.

Mr. Naohito Yoshida, CEO of DEA said, “I have good news for the Japanese people. I am happy to announce that DEAPcoin will become a familiar presence in Japan from January 26th. We will continue to do our best. Since our establishment in 2018, we have been developing our business mainly in Southeast Asia with the aim of “creating an era of play and life”.

Yoshida continued, “Now we can finally make it happen in Japan! We invite you to experience the future of play to win (P2E), Social Impact Guild and Web3”.

Similarly, Mr. Genki Oda, President and CEO of Remix Point Inc.’s parent company BITPOINT, said in his comments, “We are happy and proud to be the first company in Japan to list DEAPcoin.” He also noted, “In 2021, the term ‘play to win’ has gradually gained recognition. Conventional games are “play for fun”, played solely for entertainment. The concept of “play to win” has literally become the way to win by playing the game, and in fact, it has spread to Asian countries realizing the world to earn a living by playing Crypto games. The listing of DEAPcoin, Japan’s first play-to-earn token, was made possible by our desire to make DEAPcoin known to as many people as possible.

DEP is the first play-to-earn cryptocurrency token introduced in the Japanese cryptocurrency space. Players gain value and entertainment from the DEP token by playing DEA games.

With hit games such as JobTribes and Lucky Farmer, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. ltd. (DEA) placed itself ahead of its peers and competitors thanks to the list of tokens.

Gaming fans, gamers, and enthusiasts can access or redeem their DEP tokens through BITPOINT in Japan.

Blockchain gaming in Japan has never been so exciting!

About DEA

DEA is a Singaporean company founded in August 2018. On April 8, 2020, the first cryptocurrency developed by the company, DEAPcoin, was listed on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. DEA also released its first game, JobTribes, a card trading battle game, as well as “NFT Marketplace by DEP”, a marketplace for NFT trading.


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