Richard Juan now owner of digital entertainment business

Richard Juan was just trying to be productive during the pandemic.

At first, the ABS-CBN host / actor tried to overcome his anxiety by trying new things, like learning Korean.

He said in his interview on Additional live PEP on Wednesday March 10, 2021, “It’s just, I guess, that I start to do more things, to distract myself by finding new ideas to do, to find new plans to make, to find new challenges to overcome .

“And sort of diverted my attention lang talaga. I tried to occupy myself, like I said, with learning Korean.”

Then the Pinoy Big Brother: Log in the host began to take his plans to start a business seriously.

Kapamilya’s host continued, “During the pandemic I started planning ahead: ‘Hey, what can I do? Life is a marathon, not a race. If I stay still, I won’t move forward.

“I mean, I know I don’t have to sprint, but I know I can just start planning, start building in that direction, that’s why I spend a lot of time planning what I’m going to do next. the pandemic.

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“But along the way, I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to start doing some of these things’ because the pandemic will take a long time until we are completely okay with it again.’

“Kaya, how I got over it or how I handled it, it’s really doing things and just doing new things.”

This is how Richard was able to start his own digital entertainment business called 28 square studios.


When asked what their business actually does, he replied, “We do video production and we also do digital media. And we are also venturing into different things, which I don’t want to share too much just yet. this is kasi we are in pa talks. “

Why did they choose the name “28 Squared” for their video production company.

He told (Philippine Entertainment Portal): “My birthday is August 2. So two and eight. It’s always been something that I… It’s kind of like my semi-lucky number.

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“And then two plus eight becomes ten. So ten perfect, parang ganun din.

“And then, 28 is a very lucky din kasi two auspicious number on the right, in Cantonese is ‘yi baat’ which means ‘easy to be rich’.

“Bakit squared naman, because me and my business partner are two people and we started this business at 28 years old.

“So parang saktong-sakto din siya.”

He added: “Eight looks like infinity kapag nakahiga siya, di ba? So two infinity squared is infinity infinity.”

Richard said the company also aims to produce videos for its clients in four weeks, which equates to 28 days.

The 28-year-old content creator further explained, “And the fact that 28 equals four weeks as well, we mean, ‘We can create projects in four weeks.’

“It’s our personal goal to create projects in four weeks.”

So far, Richard is proud that several brands have expressed their desire to work with his company.

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“We did something for the Hong Kong Tourist Board, we did something for a Thai company, we are also doing something for a skin care brand.

“We have a lot of cool stuff lined up so hashtag abang-abang.”

The same team in his company is also the one that helps him produce his podcast titled Your dose of inspirASIAN on Spotify, where he invites Asian influencers and celebrities to talk about life.

Some of her famous guests on the show are Tony award-winning Broadway star Lea Salonga, NextShark founder Benny Luo and Hong Kong-based content creator J Lou.

Richard said: “I wanted to highlight and share Asian stories because over the past two years, especially because of the Korean wave, the Hallyu wave, the success of crazy rich asians, the success of BTS, we are — Asians, in general– are the next big thing.

“And I want to be able to emphasize it more.”


Richard said his father, Nixon Juan, was a big influence on him to start his own business.

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He said, “My father is a businessman. So growing up, I was always in business. And that’s what I was “supposed to do” after I graduated from

“But because of the showbiz industry, parang na-delay lang siya konti.”

Why did he start a video production company?

Richard explained, “I think it’s because ito na talaga iyong mundo ko, e.

“Like, that’s where I built my connection, that’s where I built all of my friends. And that’s what I enjoyed and that’s also what I studied at. school. “

Apart from that, Richard hopes to showcase Filipino talent through his business globally.

The Chinese TV personality from Hong Kong told, “And you know, having the privilege of working all over the world as well, I have met a lot of people in this industry, so I kind of want to create content or create videos that will connect the Philippines to the world.

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“As I want Filipino talent, Filipino content to be released to the world. Kaya natin e. We can produce really good content. We have really talented people here in the Philippines.

“And sayang lang na, we have no platform to broadcast it so that people enjoy the racket. And one of the goals of the company is to create Filipino content but at the same time visible to the world. . “


Richard has always wanted to start his own business, but he took his time because he wanted to team up with someone who “complements” his personality.

It’s also one of his top tips for young entrepreneurs starting their own business.

He said: “I was very lucky to have met my business partner right before the pandemic actually.

“And ayon, we were like, ‘Hey…’ I realized he had what I needed and I have what he needed. And that’s how it all started.”

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Richard added, “Sometimes it’s patience, e. Sometimes you meet someone who complements you well. When it comes to business, parang love life din siya, e.

“You have to be patient, but at the same time be open. And in order to find the right person is important as a business partner, you have to find someone who complements you well.

“If you have the same type of person, sayang lang. Parang, bakit ganun, di ba? So sometimes being patient, also in the business case, is also very vital.”

Richard admitted that starting a business, especially in the midst of the pandemic, is much more difficult. Nonetheless, he and his team managed to overcome the challenges that presented themselves to them.

“In the beginning, our biggest challenge was whether or not there would be customers.

“Kasi siyempre, to run a business, you need a business license, an office address, everything like that.

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“Ang daming kailangan ng pera din. So siyempre pag may lalabas na pera, dapat may pera na papasok din.”

He added: “It was honestly our concerns at the start, but how we got over it really found ways to… Kailangan madiskarte.

“Like, you got to really reconnect with people, you got to really cold call people and potential customers and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got this service right. These are the things we can do. Can we offer this service? Can we send you something? Can we show you what we can do? ‘”


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