Sale of former Charlotte Epicenter entertainment center postponed

The acting trustee has announced that the Epicenter auction has been postponed to July 26. No reason was given for the postponement.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — The sale of the once bustling epicenter of Uptown Charlotte has been postponed, the alternate trustee said Thursday.

The Epicenter sale, once home to many entertainment venues and restaurants, has been pushed back to July 26 at 10 a.m.

For months, the future of Epicenter was up in the air. WCNC Charlotte has learned that building the hub on the site of the former Charlotte Convention Center was not exactly a smooth process.

The bidding was due to begin less than a year after WCNC Charlotte learned the site was in receivership after the owner defaulted on an $85 million loan. The potential future owner will take the property as is; a handful of repairs are needed.

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The Epicenter was opened in 2008, conveniently located near the Spectrum Center and public transportation with the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). While it’s become a popular nightlife spot, the center has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, including a scaled-back 2020 Republican National Convention and struggling businesses.

It was once the backbone of Uptown’s social scene. Some Charlotte residents will tell you back then, it was different.

“Quite lively place on weekends and evenings and even during the day you can go for lunch,” said Antoinette Granados.

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Now it’s as faded as the color smeared along the sides of the building.

“It’s really sad, laugh, walking around here at night, it’s kind of a ghost town,” Matt Slezak said.

In 2019, changes began to be proposed for the epicenter, including converting parts of it into office and retail space that once housed bars. Some ideas Charlotte residents pitched to WCNC Charlotte in April 2022 included a bookstore, clothing store, and even a cafe.

As the hammer won’t fall until the end of July, it’s a setback for Duncan Anderson and his group of investors, who were hoping to make an offer Thursday morning.

“Whenever my friends and family came to town, the first place we brought them was the epicenter, so our whole theme now is, ‘This is epic’ and to create that into another epic experience,” said said Anderson.

He said the main goal was to create a family atmosphere and bring people back after the pandemic. Concrete details are still limited, but he said they hope to renovate, seek new tenants and relaunch.

“Bring back bowling, make it fun, a family atmosphere, take Howl at the Moon — turn it into something awesome,” Anderson said. “And then having it as a place people would want to stay when they come to Charlotte.”

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