South Africans Choose Direct Carrier Billing to Pay for Digital Entertainment

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) purchases will grow 78% to $159 million in 2026 (compared to 2022); 75% of DCB spending comes from games and videos; the consumption of digital content represents 97% of the DCB market in South Africa.

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South Africans will pay $89 million for digital content and services this year through direct carrier billing (DCB). This figure will record an annual growth rate of 16% over the next four years to reach $159M in 2026, according to the “DCB evolution and trends 2022-2026” analysis carried out by Telecoming, a company specializing since 2008 in monetization technology for sports and entertainment.

DCB’s spending in South Africa accounts for approximately 15% of the global market in Africa and the Middle East, making it one of the most relevant countries in terms of billing. South Africans currently spend an average of $4.2 per month on digital content. By 2026, this average figure will reach $5.5/month/user.

The digital market is largely the one that most stimulates users when it comes to paying for their purchases via the operator. The most popular content paid for with DCB is, in that order, video games, videos and music. More specifically, these categories will represent an expenditure of $86 million in 2022.

Games and videos, 75% of DCB expenditure

Digital content has a significant weight in DCB, reaching 91% globally. In South Africa, this percentage rises to 97%. According to Javier de Corral, Country Manager of Telecoming in South Africa, “this data highlights that mobile phone payments break down barriers, enable transactions as they are done quickly and securely for the user“.

DCB is also gradually conquering other emerging markets, such as ticketing, online games and physical goods, with an annual growth rate of 31%, 57% and 40%, respectively, for the next four years. This is a sector that is already showing signs of great potential. This year will close with $7 million in ticket sales in Africa and the Middle East.

South Africa compared to other countries in the region

The DCB market will grow by 7% this year and will continue to grow in the years to come. Javier de Corral explains: “South Africa is a more mature market in the use of DCB than the other countries included in the analysis. Around one in five DCB payments made in the analyzed region will be made from South Africa “.

Smartphones have conquered Africa. Not so long ago, feature phones were the go-to devices for making mobile payments, but in 2021 smartphones generated $450 million in CBD in Africa and the Middle East. “The mobile phone becomes a democratized element to pay for all products and services. Doing it through DCB streamlines payments and provides security throughout the process. South Africa is one of the countries in Africa that best integrates CBD, as confirmed by the data“, says Javier de Corral.

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