STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index licensed for new iShares Thematic UCITS ETF

ZUG, Swiss, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qontigo has licensed the STOXX® Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index to BlackRock as the underlying benchmark for an iShares ETF, the latest addition to a growing range of innovative thematic solutions available to investors Europeans. The fund was launched today.


The STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index selects companies that generate more than half of their revenue from 34 industries associated with the targeted theme, including educational software, general gaming products and services, content platforms and devices electronics. The index, which uses an “adjusted” equal-weighted scheme, applies liquidity and market capitalization filters to stock selection. The methodology also implements ESG exclusion filters.

“Thematic indices provide a systematic, transparent and rules-based way to target megatrends that impact our world,” said Hamish Seegopaul, General Manager, Product R&D at Qontigo. “The shift to online and technology-enabled learning and entertainment was already gaining momentum before COVID-19 and has only accelerated since. Both activities drive a paradigm shift that, for investors, is best captured by a thematic strategy.”

Evy HambroGlobal Head of Thematic and Sector Investing at BlackRock said: “Thematic investing is used by an increasingly diverse investor base seeking exposure to the secular, disruptive and long-term trends that are expected to define the future of the world economy. As technology continues to revolutionize the entertainment industry and the demand for digital experiences changes the way people play and learn, we worked with Qontigo to design the iShares Digital Entertainment & Education UCITS ETF, offering investors granular exposure to a rapidly changing area of ​​the global economy. This addition to our Thematics line leverages the strength of our global investment platform to capture the drivers of structural change and position investors’ portfolios for long-term growth.

“The heightened market volatility this year and major macro shifts, as well as the uneven performance across sectors, have highlighted the benefits of more focused strategies such as thematic investing,” said Christopher Schon, Senior Principal, Applied Research at Qontigo. “These strategies offer the advantage of breaking through the established boundaries of conventional region, country or sector-based offerings. As such, they can capitalize on powerful structural drivers that offer less cyclicality and more diversification to the usual market dynamics.”

Qontigo and BlackRock’s thematic collaboration began in 2016 and now includes eight ETFs covering themes such as automation and robotics, innovation in healthcare, digitalization and the aging population. The funds follow the STOXX indices and have more $8.8 billion in assets.

Explore the set Range of thematic indices by Qontigo.

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