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While some on Twitter expressed disgust at the man’s actions, some said they weren’t so offended.

UPDATED JUL 17, 2019 6:40 PM IST

You may have seen or read several stories of passengers taking off their shoes on long-haul flights. In fact, social media is inundated with incidents detailing how people took off their stinky shoes and made the entire cabin smell strange or even put their bare feet in their travel mate’s seat. Most of the time, such stories arouse the anger and disgust of internet users. However, a recent article about a barefoot passenger drew mixed reactions among tweeples.

Twitter user Alafair Burke posted a photo – sent to him by a friend – of a passenger using their feet to operate the in-flight entertainment system. Now the photo has caused a stir on the microblogging site. While some expressed disgust at the man’s actions, some said they weren’t so offended.

Look at the picture :

Burke posted another tweet after some asked if the passenger had a disability.

The original tweet has meanwhile been inundated with reactions since it was posted. It has collected over 1.4 lakh of likes and over 31,000 retweets – and it continues to count – since its sharing on July 16.

There are those who find the video cringe:

And some who don’t quite feel the same:

Many have talked about model Naomi Campbell.

So what do you think of the photo? Do you think this is offensive or not?


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