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Make your mobile an entertainment hub

Posted on January 5, 2022

Bigger screens are more immersive and fun, but for many Indian consumers, the small screen, a smartphone, is increasingly becoming their personal entertainment center. Sure, watching movies in the cinema is great, but nowadays we probably watch 10 times more TV and 100 times more on our mobile. And if the smartphone is where all of your content consumption takes place, how do you make sure it’s as good an experience as it can get? What does it take to make your mobile an entertainment hub?

In the latest installment of Experience Dolby with Gadgets 360, we walk you through how to get the best audio experience on your smartphone and make it your personal entertainment hub, along with some helpful tips. So let’s get started.

The best possible audio experience

Can you activate an immersive sound experience on a phone even if you’re not actually sitting in a room full of speakers all around you? For a very long time, it just wasn’t possible to get that kind of experience, but with the introduction of Dolby Atmos, which is supported by brands ranging from high-end flagships to budget smartphones, has totally changed the situation.

Dolby Atmos improves overall sound quality and changes the way you listen to music, movies, podcasts, and games on your smartphone. And the best part is, you don’t have to do anything more for it – just make sure the smartphone supports Dolby Atmos, which as we’ve already mentioned covers just about any smartphone you can get. plan to buy.

You don’t need to select Dolby Atmos or buy special headphones – everything is handled automatically, as Dolby Atmos delivers the highest quality sound your device can support, so your entertainment always rings true. better. With Dolby Atmos, sound is precisely placed all around you, enveloping and immersing you completely. All you have to do is decide what you want to listen to and enjoy a richer audio experience no matter what you are doing on your smartphone.

Quality of content matters

Of course, it’s not enough to have Dolby support on your smartphone – your content must have it enabled as well. The great thing is that most of the best OTT platforms, including music streaming and podcast services, offer Dolby content. This means that if you stream music or podcasts, or watch movies and TV shows, you will find Dolby Atmos support.

For music lovers

According to a recent consumer study, Indians consider audio quality to be the most important factor when choosing a smartphone (Source: CMR). Since most of us listen to music on our smartphones these days, we need to make sure that it supports Dolby Atmos for a more enhanced music experience. Because while we’re on the subject of movies and games and the 3D experience, the point is, Dolby Atmos has a huge role to play in uplifting music as well. Dolby Atmos goes beyond ordinary listening experiences to reveal every detail of music with unmatched clarity and depth, which is lost with stereo recordings.

All of the top artists are now using Dolby Atmos to create sound mixes that create a richer feel, like you’re on stage listening to them, with the different instruments and voices really surrounding you instead of coming from one space. It is a very big step forward and you really have to experience it.

Dolby Atmos optimizes and personalizes the music on your phone so that you get realistic, spectrally natural sound that delivers enhanced bass and clear speech for mobile content.

For the player in you

As we mentioned before, Dolby Atmos is especially interesting for gamers, not only because it creates a richer soundscape, but also because it can give you a little extra edge when gaming. Imagine playing a first-person game, looking around to see where other players are, then hearing a little sound behind you to one side, and with pinpoint accuracy you can turn and face him because you knew where he was coming from, with three-dimensional precision.

This is possible if your smartphone is Dolby Atmos compatible – it places game sounds all around you and gives you a little extra help while gaming, while also making the experience more intense with stunning realism.

These are some tips on how you can get that movie theater experience on your smartphone with the help of Dolby, and we’ll get back to more soon.

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