Two women and a man displaying money now on police radar

A man and two women, who recorded a video as they partied in a house and spread wads of cash, are now on police radar.

Detectives now believe the three, who appeared to be intoxicated, are among scammers dubbed “wash-wash”.

The video circulated on various platforms, including one managed by detectives infiltrated in Nairobi intended to warn armed thieves to reform before being executed.

“Detectives are looking for four ‘wash wash’ suspects, who are believed to be part of a larger union in the illegal trade in counterfeit currency printing,” the Criminal Investigations Directorate (DCI) said online.

Adding that: “In video clips touring social media sections, three of the suspects were caught beating up one of their accomplices, after he went to party and flashed a bunch of flanked notes of a multitude of beauties, revealing their dirty relationships. ”

Detectives added that the man in the clip was flaunting cash while promising the apparently horny women a trip out of town.

It is believed that the team in the video broke into the home of one of their gang members and descended on him, mercilessly accusing him of disloyalty and treason.

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