What is the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) and who is behind it? Here’s how it’s linked to an alleged child sex ring

In the late 1990s, Marc Collins-Rector and his partner Chad Shackley started a company called Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), which was an online streaming video broadcaster and notable dot-com failure.

Born Mark John Rector, Rector changed his name in 1988. He began his entrepreneurial journey after founding a Florida-based telecommunications company called Telequest in the early 1980s and founding World TravelNet, a company that electronically coordinated cruises and circuits in 1984 and its subsidiary, World ComNet, in 1987. While the company briefly peaked at $ 100 million, the competitive market quickly led to its bankruptcy.

In 1991, Rector partnered with Shackley and together they founded a first Internet service provider; Concentric Network, which they then sold to launch DEN. According to reports, Jim Ritts resigned as commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association to become president of DEN in February 1999. An online precursor of YouTube and Netflix, the company’s goal was to “deliver video content Original episodic on the Internet aimed at niche audiences “. At 17, Brock Pierce was named executive vice president of DEN with a reported salary of a quarter of a million per year.

While in May 1999, DEN announced that their business model had earned them $ 26 million in investments from Microsoft, Dell, Chase Capital Partners and others. In September 1999, Microsoft announced that DEN was one of its partners in the Windows Media Broadband Jumpstart initiative and the company’s value reached $ 58.5 million. Big names like former Walt Disney Television chairman David Neuman, Garth Ancier, David Geffen, Gary Goddard and Bryan Singer quickly invested in the company.

However, following allegations of sexual assault against the rector, Shackley and his colleague Pierce, the $ 75 million IPO in October 1999 was withdrawn. The three quickly quit the company and many more layoffs continued. Soon a new management team led by former Capitol Records chairman Gary Gersh and former Microsoft executive Greg Carpenter took over and planned a relaunch. However, DEN eventually filed for bankruptcy and closed in June 2000.

In a shocking Twitter thread, OpDeathEaters published reports of horrific sexual assault allegations against the company’s co-founders and also linked it to the sexual assault on Singer. Chad Shackley, who had been treated by Collins-Rector in an online chat room, dropped out of high school and moved in with the Predator at the age of 15 and Collins-Rector was 31. In 1991, the two founded a premier ISP, Concentric Network and other startups, ”they said and added,“ The couple moved to a 12,616 square foot mansion in Encino, Calif. The mansion was called M&C Estate (Mark and Chad), and according to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘The wild parties were hardly a secret’. “

Connecting Singer to the duo, a tweet alleges: “Bryan Singer introduced Shackley & CR to 16-year-old Disney kid Brock Pierce, who later moved in with them. Pierce played the young version of Emilio Estevez’s character. in Mighty Ducks (brother of Charlie Sheen who is accused by Corey Feldman of raping child actor Corey Haim). ”

“But perhaps the strangest twist in this weird story is why Collins-Rector fled the country in the first place: He believed that Geffen, his investor and one of Hollywood’s most powerful men, wanted to destroy it, ”they added. If the tweets are to be believed, Collins-Rector has lived happily ever after, apparently in the Dominican Republic for a while and is now in Belgium.

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