Which Fossil Set cards are worth the most money now

Although the Pokemon trading card game published the Fossil expansion over two decades ago, many retro maps of the TCG are now worth a lot of money in 2022. Following the massive success of the Basic set and Jungle extensions in 1999, Nintendo released the Fossil fixed in November. The third expansion featured popular characters from the Generation 1 Pokemon Red and Blue RPG. During the first year of TCG Back in the 90s, no one could have predicted that tabletop game collectibles would ever be worth the money. Years after its debut, however, a handful of Pokemon Fossil the cards now sell for thousands of dollars.


retro prices Pokémon TCG collectibles began to climb steadily in 2018, before exploding in popularity in 2020. In particular, items from Wizards of the Coast’s first three expansions exploded in demand. Pokémon cards that were once discarded in school playgrounds have started selling for thousands at online auctions. The excitement culminated with Logan Paul’s Pikachu Illustrator Pokemon Card in April, which broke a Guinness World Record after the YouTuber paid $5.2 million for the promo. Below is a list of which Pokemon Fossil cards are worth the most money in 2022.

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Aerodactyl Pokémon Fossil Card 1st Edition

Pokemon Fossil TCG Aerodactyl PWCC
PWCC Auctions

Because Aerodactyl was one of the few Fossil Pokémon in the original Gen 1 games, the prehistoric monster was extremely popular when it received its first card in the TCG. At the height of Pokémon card mania in 2021, a pre-release Aerodactyl card from the 1st edition of the third expansion sold at auction for up to $1,800. In 2022 however, the prices of rare holographics have significantly bottomed out. According to the grading society PSA, a first Aerodactyl print recently sold for $690 in mint condition.

Zapdos Pokemon Fossil Card 1st Edition Card

Pokemon Fossil TCG Zapdos PWCC
PWCC Auctions

Many Pokemon Fossil maps like Zapdos have become iconic as they were drawn by prolific Game Freak illustrator Mitsuhiro Arita. The veteran artist was responsible for creating the iconic Charizard Core Set, which is now one of most valuable pokemon cards all time. During its peak value, the Zapdos 1st Edition Card was worth up to $1,500. But just like Aerodactyl, Kanto’s legendary bird has lost some value in 2022. According to Message of public interest, the rare holographic was recently purchased for $925. Yet the Pokemon Fossil the collector’s item is still worth a good chunk of the change if filed in very good condition.

Moltres Fossil Pokemon Card 1st Edition

Pokemon Fossil TCG Moltres PWCC
PWCC Auctions

In 2020, the rare holographic Moltres card of Pokemon Fossil sold at auction for $2,000, making it one of the most valuable items in the expansion. However, a 1st edition version of the legendary bird recently sold for $1,225 in 2022 according to Message of public interest. The retro Moltres is another collectible illustrated by Arita, who recently returned to the Pokemon card game to create the Lugia V card for November. Pokémon TCG Silver Storm expansion. While not the most valuable fossil card, the fiery Kanto Bird became a favorite in the 1999 expansion.

Pokemon Card Fossil 1st Edition Raichu

Pokemon Fossil TCG Raichu PWCC
PWCC Auctions

Although the price of Pokemon Fossilit is Raichu dropped $1,800 at its peak, the card actually went up in value throughout the last year. According Message of public interesta 1st edition Raichu Fossil The card was purchased at auction for $1,525 in September 2021. Since the Electric type is the popular evolution of the Pokémon franchise’s beloved mascot, Pikachu, it’s likely the card’s value will only that grow over time.

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Gengar Fossil Pokemon Card 1st Edition

Pokemon Fossil TCG Gengar PWCC
PWCC Auctions

One of the most popular cards in the Pokemon Fossil the extension is Ghost-type Gengar. The iconic holographic card was so popular it sold for up to $3,100. In 2022 however, a Gengar 1st Edition was recently purchased for $2,025 according to sales data from Message of public interest. Gengar’s most recent appearance as a rare holographic was in the Pokémon TCG Lost Origin expansion as a Trainer Gallery card. Although it appeared on hundreds of cards after its debut in 1999, the original Pokemon Fossil Gengar still has one of his most iconic works of art.

Lapras Fossil Pokemon Card 1st Edition

Pokemon Fossil TCG Lapras PWCC
PWCC Auctions

Another one Pokemon Fossil card that has seen a sharp drop in value, is Kanto Water-type Lapras. Incredibly, the holographic rare was selling for up to $5,000 in 2020. Despite its price drop, the Water type is still the third most valuable. Pokemon Fossil map by a good stretch. According Message of public interest, a 1st edition Lapras recently sold for $2,800. Given that its price has seemed to go up and down, the retro Lapras could one day reclaim the top spot if demand picks up.

Pokemon Card Fossil Dragonite 1st Edition

Pokemon Fossil TCG Dragonite PWCC
PWCC Auctions

The second most valuable Pokemon Fossil the collectible is Dragonite. The card features an iconic rainbow illustration by artist Kagemaru Himeno, who recently created the beautiful Radiant Tsareena card for the Pokemon Incandescent Arcana TCG Position. Even though the holographic Dragonite was selling for up to $9,800, the retro TCG item still sells for a staggering amount in 2022. According to Message of public interest data tracking, a Dragonite 1st Edition sold for $4,800 in mint condition. Considering it had already sold for close to $10,000, the Pokemon Fossil collectible could possibly reach these prices again in the future.

Fossil Pokemon Articuno Card 1st Edition

Pokemon Fossil TCG Articuno PWCC
PWCC Auctions

The most precious Pokemon Fossil card goes to Red and blue Legendary Articuno. While the holographic rare has never sold for as much as Dragonite, an Articuno 1st Edition recently fetched around $5,700 according to Message of public interest. It may not have the history of being the most valuable 1st edition of the set, but in 2022 it reigns supreme as Pokemon trading card gameit is Fossil collector’s item that is worth the most money.

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