Xiaomi Unveils PatchWall Replay 2021 Report Highlighting Key Digital Entertainment Trends

The demand for digital entertainment has steadily increased in India as the wave of digitization penetrates deep into the country. Revealing information on this growth in digital content consumption in the country, leading smartphone and smart TV brand Xiaomi India has unveiled its annual trend report – ‘PatchWall Replay Report 2021’ which captures content consumption patterns on the 7+ million Xiaomi and Redmi Smart TVs. PatchWall was launched in 2018 with a content-centric approach and is a Smart TV platform on all Xiaomi and Redmi Smart TVs that enables content discovery. The platform comes with over 30 international and Indian content partners, IMDB integration, features like universal search and custom kids mode for India, and content in over 15 languages ​​that redefines completely the consumption of content on a Smart TV.

Digital Content Trends in 2021

As the pandemic continued to impact our lives in 2021, a majority of the population relied on streaming and digital entertainment services while staying at home. This has led to immense growth in the media streaming landscape and in 2021 alone, PatchWall witnessed over 2000 crore interactions across different categories like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Kids Entertainment and more.

Speaking about the release of the report, Category Manager Mr. Eshwar Nilakantan said in a statement that Xiaomi India has transformed the Indian smart TV market by offering products and services that combine innovative features and best specifications. He talked about the company’s expansion and how, during the pandemic, more and more people have taken to PatchWall to discover exciting new content.

According to the PatchWall Replay Report 2021, there has been a surge of 300% in the number of households streaming online, with news channels like Aaj Tak, India TV, Sun News and Zee News being the most watched channels. With 2021 being the year of the Olympics, a large number of users have logged in to stream the event. The report informs that around 18.49 Lakh active TV households watched Neeraj Chopra win the gold medal in the Olympics. On top of that, the India vs Pakistan match saw the peak number of active TVs at a time, with 22.71 lakh households tuned.

Outside of sports, there has been a huge increase in the number of users tuning into high definition content. 4K content was in high demand in 2021, with 1.38 crore clicks recorded for 4K content on PatchWall. Moreover, more than 2 lakh users used universal search daily to discover newer movies and shows. Demand for digital content in India has also diversified in 2021 with 39% of households watching content in a non-native language. PatchWall Replay Report 2021 also shows how the OTT space has seen a major boom in 2021 with people looking for fresh and rejuvenating content across all platforms.

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